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We'll feel well. We are looking forward to seeing you in the blue and orange of the denver broncos. Pretty good deal for your three years. Thirty million nineteen and a half guaranteed. You're gonna find it you're gonna love it here and we've got the best fans in the nfl. Ronald so welcome to the denver broncos. Thank you there. You go ronald darby. Sound excited ready for a fresh start with a team. That really wants them. In the broncos three years thirty millions a nice deal but not break the bank deal. Even william jackson atop free agent corner on the market. His deal is only three years. I think forty and a half with washington so competitive but nineteen and a half million if if darby has injury issues like he's had them. I'm certainly not trying to put that autumn. Then you you Can get out of it without really hurting you. you know. It's not one of those blockbuster. Five year you know. Ninety million dollar deals that you'll see for some of the top defensive players Let's take a timeout though. We'll get some news with. I think it's still connor shreve. Maybe it's chad now And then on the. I still connor good on the other side. We will talk to the voice of the broncos. Dave logan get his take on all of the moves that the broncos have made special didn't hear him this morning. And then now the mike boone. Signing the running back from the vikings coming over to play special teams and battled be the second running. Back with a behind. Melvin gordon. so we'll see how it all shakes out there but to start the league year and nobody better really in the entire rocky mountain region to talk broncos winston with the longtime voice of the broncos thirty one years i believe he just completed last season. Dave logan you. Of course every single day on. Logan and louis nine to noon davis my math right at thirty one or thirty two. I don't wanna short. You know you did not sure me. Thirty one is Thirty one is correct. Started when i was sixteen and Rapidly approaching fifty great so thirty six more years to catch vin scully. There we go there we go. I'm mark i've got. I've got my tally If anybody can do it. I know it's you so i wanna go through some of these moves with you the the one today they keep getting smaller not bringing von miller is small but they kind of made whatever their splash was day. One then von miller yesterday was kind of the only move and the only move. Today is bringing in mike boone on a two year deal under four million bucks two point six as this year. One point six of that's guaranteed. He's a special teamer. That's played over half the special team snaps for minnesota four touchdowns in his three year career. I think they liked him. Had they not gotten phillip lindsay but he certainly feels like the phillip lindsay replacement once. They're gonna you know. See philip land. What do you think of the mike boone acquisition. Well i mean. I think it's pretty clear that They like mike booth more than they like phillip lindsay.

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