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If you missed the last episode, and you're a Commissioner, I encourage you to go back and listen there were five Commissioner tips at the end of that show. Got a lot of great feedback on them part of our job here is to help you have a better league. So you enjoy fantasy football more. Yes. And it's why we got into this. And to give you hot musical drops. Jason how just inflamed inflamed of were your mentions after all the b- boxing went. Yeah. I had like two people that were like, yes. The beat boxing was great. So I normally lit. I'm relive pretty lit you. I don't know if you want your I don't know if you want your your mentions inflamed or not I just. Don't you? Because you don't know anything. For that. Don't you know, that's engorged? I don't know. I know it's not. All right. Quick question of the day. All Dr Mike got a bold disk on my now. Time line. Brooks. If you need to leave I understand. All right. Okay. Thank you. If there's a door real close to you need to take off one day. I get it. All right post, combine quick question. Who is the one oh one right now in a dynasty rookie draft. No the draft hasn't happened. The NFL teams haven't selected anybody. But Mike you mentioned on the show Tuesday that you've bought maybe the first three or four picks. We're going to be wide. Do you think the number one pick is as of right now to me, it's an Akil, Harry and. I think that surprises people we talked about Metcalf on the combine show because he was the big story of a man who's literally they're all his body is made out of of muscles. He has actually no skeleton frame just muscle. His skeleton is made out of more muscles. They're making new textbooks based on this. This is how strong years he ran a four three three except he his agility drills wore close to catastrophic for especially compared to the the forty that. He just ran his production profile is down. He's actually a pretty raw receiver. He still going go very high in the first round Nikiel, Harry is if Metcalf weren't around Nicole, Harry would be the talk of the combine to me. And I think he'll end up at a at a good spot in is a little bit more well rounded wide receiver at this point. So I would take him with the first pick. But this this rookie class is very interesting. Thing because I feel like the last few years you knew who the first pick. Well, they didn't matter what you knew it was going to be saquon Barkley you knew a couple years ago. It's going to be Zeke. It doesn't matter where he goes, you know, who's going to be Leonard fournette too. Yeah. It was I would say it was pretty much assumed it was going to be him. But always knew what the top tier was this year. I we need to see how things she after the NFL draft. It could literally be one of six or seven different. They fall into the right spot. And they look best. I'm with Mike. I actually liked Nikki, Harry, the most he would be my one on one at the key is a good enough route runner so great yards after the catching go deep. He can box people out. He looks like a red zone. Perfect body type and target on those catas- it catches. So since we don't know where they're going. I'm gonna I'm gonna lean Nikial. And it's it's so ironic because the Magai yes, but I think decay Metcalf ago ahead of him in dynasty drafts. Because I think he'll be drafted that fairly, you know, probably ten or fifteen picks ahead and Aqeel, Harry, and the NFL I think so I wouldn't disagree and based on that fact, alone I think between combine hype and being higher the higher drafted wide receiver. I think that'll be enough to get him to that one to one spot, but we will see. You know, you put into keel in the right place or Akeem Butler or another one of these wide receivers and things change pretty quick. So big time news. All right. We ran the alternate draft kit pre-sale giveaway and that ended on March first now, you can still preorder the ultimate draft. In fact,.

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