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You didn't even give tyrod credit for Constitution the Syrup Independence Hall but Daredevil is by more than ready shocker. Another other todd pletcher volume Who you know we? We like with her in full of sales throughout the yearling and two year. Old Auction We got our hands on. This phillies really elegant. Well put together Philly That had trained opera quite well at Saratoga and had an untimely timely illness just before she was ready to make a debut there We regrouped healthy She shown talent here and there ear to suggest that she's got a little bit of something But two year olds will typically do. She's she's throwing a few subpar just as his policy of okay performances in the morning She's got some turf pedigree so we're hoping that She's able to really occur. Occur game on the grass She's a Philly. That wouldn't surprise us if she went out there and ran forwardly in her. First Start But two so that we're walking over there with Supreme Confidence. I'd be lying to you. I think we're just looking for a nice outing. She's John Really widening three quarters on the gas which is a little little bit of an obstacle and and I don't love first-time starters to not have something holding them in in the starting gate outside of them because they tend to gear out When the case but She's a lovely filly and we're looking forward to getting her started on Friday for sure you know. If you'RE GONNA say lovely filly you have to pay royalties to Christoph Clermont. Because he's got he's got a patent on the lovely filly so he's the only person allowed to say lovely. Well they don't take it back. I love it she. She's out of divine gift of divide Park Mark. Mayor who actually has a sister of Lawan who Was a nice a nice midwest take types like placed sprinter and a was a half sister of her by badges silver. And I got to ask you about a couple of big names and I see that Moretti is getting close to where return. He's working down at Palm beach downs or ready and under the watchful eye of the alligator in the pond. Nine hundred thousand dollar Moretti That you know. Obviously he's got talent and talk about the winter upcoming and what the hopes. I'm sorry I had to get him back. Rolling Yeah Moretti's impeccably bred son of Medaglia Oro out of brick level which makes him a half brother other to battle of midway and he started his career last year and find fascinating was second I two now now and then we stretch them out two mile and an eighth act with Ogden he won impressively. He's the favourite than withers and unfortunately came up with an injury out of that race sideline and since and and we knew that he wasn't going to make the classics about time. So we really took a conservative approach and just backed off entirely The folks Peyton. They've done a really good job with him in symptom onto todd at palm. Beach downs He's a horse that we always thought would be a late bloomer. We had hoped to have him ready for the classics. It just wasn't meant to be and now the data's passed. We've really taken a slow approach. He's on the verge of being ready to run. We're really encouraged because He was never a flashy workhorse leading up to debut and early part of his Michelle Campaign But he is showing a lot more in his breezes on the comeback trail right now You know Monica police or partner partner on the cold and and now he's just about race ready. Todd is out of Kentucky. We had planned to huddle up in the next couple of days as well and see what's on the horizon for him But there's an exciting cold in recent history is told us later. Developers don't hit the classics and avoid that Act About rugged campaign can be big time handicap horses form beyond. And we're hoping Mickey fits that profile Nice And of course. He broke his maiden late in his two year old year. And then tried the withers and You know came out of that with the issue and taking the majority forty of the year so nice to have this this type everybody. Everybody thinks the three year olds with talent Have already flashed it and created their. You know their resumes and some being shipped off for stallion duty but horse like this can get you can really become a lot of fun can be a cold. Affront that kind of that kind of type. That goes on for Nice exploits. There were plenty of other two year olds going to start to run out of time Erin but pipes hypes and you wanted to get bulletproof. One in to the Juvie turf sprint settled for the The Golden State Race Iran escapade in. Ken Maddy Ecorse Gray. Magicians had really a a nice productive. YEAR IC- Farmington road in recent weeks and they're paved. There's a lot of good you know really. It's been a great year and not to say that the season's over because we still have got two months of racing but it's been a special year for Rick Lips no doubt about it and for testament to our partners to support us you know with their hard earned dollars weakening. We got month in a month out every year it's it's humbling. And flattering to have a group of people who really do trust US got to be able to take them more than WANNA be week. We certainly swing a myth a lot more than we strike. But we hope that when we do strike it makes up for the most is provide their partners with the experience that they most definitely deserves. So we appreciate it We consider this the ultimate. What have you done for me lately? Business and every year we go into it thinking building year. And how are we going to replenish the quality. Stock that the cycle through the program but I believe that that's what separates income. The boys is being able to come up with these courses. You earn your out. Not certainly what we strive to do you and what our partners deserve so it keeps US hungry and we're hundred over right now. That's for sure Erin Wellman. Everybody eclipse thoroughbred partners eclipse. TB PARTNERS DOT com if you want to get involved at a high level. And there's all all different levels levels too because They there in active active horses The way things evolved with the vying on independence. All young young horses Two year old in training sale purchases yearling purchases and the development candidates and so much more next couple of days of course at the sales. And if you see Aaron talk to them congratulate them and Ask Him about getting involved at eclipse Aaron. So happy for you and thank you. Thank you Steve. And I can never underestimate. How important is what you do? Keep doing what you're Gillan industry need. We appreciate it a most importantly you just get well do can I'd Aaron Wellman everybody. Unbelievable sharing and independence hall that. That's enough for that's enough for any any ownership. And he buddy that operates in the game said I have Have them perform the way they did within forty eight hours. It's pretty amazing. Let's take a break top of the hour and the surly is GonNa join US Nacho courageous CBS. Brad Cox. John White and Vincent Gregory GonNA come sit down here as well. We're going to catch up tomorrow. Talking about Graham Ocean Graham will be home and available tomorrow for a conversation. We'll have him then. And who else Johnny Johnny traveled back yesterday. So we'll get to johnny tomorrow. Don't get his Postscript Paul Matisse we've.

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