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Sports radio shower chew on this Thursday Dan the Dan Patrick Show? I'm wondering that when the National Hockey League gets back on the ice they have the Stanley Cup final. And then you have the commissioner taking out the Stanley Cup trophy. Do you pump in boos just to make him feel at home there. I welcome to the program. Boys are here ready to go. We'll talk to Steve Phillips former mets general manager now he works for the be network on Sirius. Xm Get his thoughts on the players in the owners and this is the hatfields and mccoys and they've made it and it doesn't feel like there's a resolution now what happens a Lotta times when you have a lockout you know you have a strike. It doesn't take much to get everybody back together. And it's usually one or two items now feels like there's a lot more but it feels like there's one or two items. This is just a monetary aspect of this. You still have to get all the safeguards in place of where you're playing in. The testing is their fans. And who gets to go to the game? What about the media? How many members of the media get to go you know? What is the process just to get into the game to cover the game to play in the game? All of these items that are there but money is the issue here and it has been the issue and the players. It feels like are taking a stand saying no more pay cuts here. But we'll talk to Steve Phillips got us a calming voice on this. He's seen both sides. He's a former player and of course worked in the front office with the so. He'll join US coming up. I gotTA ask Steve. Did Steve was Steve. They're offering Bobby Baena his contract that the mets are still paying for. Could you check that mclovin? I don't want to put this on Steve but they did sign Bobby Baena to that. What twenty five year deal where I think he's still getting paid by? He was playing for other teams and still getting paid by the mets. But I think it is going to go on for a few more years. Yeah Paulie that contract started in two thousand eleven and ends in two thousand thirty five the total payout is thirty million but I think a lot of those contracts are the. Gm does a good job in deferring money allowing you to sign another player for that upcoming season so from a baseball standpoint. That may have not been a bad move. I think it's it's was a bad move. I don't know but I don't want to put that on Steve that he's the one who did pull off the trade for Piazza so I gotta be fair to him on that too. Yep every time you look up on the Internet Bobby Benin contract. There's always lots of stories of them and use picture bobby. Bonilla where he's smiling like. He just won the lottery. Smile did win the lottery. Yes mclovin bring up and the next day it was like Steve was involved. Ed Move on all right. Scrap that then..

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