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And he came up to us, Steve and I, he said, something that we're not used to. He said, I think you have to start sharing time, but the rookies. So we were like, wait, what? We're not fit 6 years. We talking about this is prime. We can get this team popping. What are you talking about? So I didn't like that. And it was my contract year. You know, and I'm shooting 40 something 44 from three. Listen, we not gonna do this one, buddy. They gonna have to wait. And jameer was my young boy from Philadelphia. You know, he from Justin. And then, you know, your Deshawn Stevenson, you had Keith bogans. We had a strong, young team. And, you know, I asked for the trade. And you know, the GM at the time, he was my guy. He tells me he says, listen, what do you want to go? So I'm like, you know what? What are my choices, you know? He gave me his cup of choices. He said Sacramento, I said, yo, yeah, I like Sacramento. Those guys pass the ball, they play well. They're winners. I'm going over there. So we were going to Boston. And he told me not to suit up and literally right before I went out on the floor. And I knew it was a trade now. So I go and get traded and I go to, you know, I get the Sacramento myself or Doug Chrissy Doug Chrissy went over to Orlando. I go to Sacramento. I would baby Brad Miller, Chris Webber, Paige's story. I mean, Matt Barnes was there as my guy, I love him. Kevin Martin was there. It was a nice group, nice group. We are, we did pretty well. We lost to Seattle in the playoffs where ray and Rashard Lewis, but you know, we had a nice route. We had a nice group of guys. Mike bibby, I got one year with Mike and Mike was his IQ super high. You know, he wasn't as athletic as a Steve Francis, you know, not too many point guards was like that. It was baron Davis and Steve Francis. In my era that were the most explosive point guards. And for Mike, in myself, Mike was a fundamental expert, you know, bounce passes, you know, chess passes, shoot the ball, the right way, you know, get off the ball kind of thing. And when I would Sacramento, the whole team had such a high IQ and Mike leading us and when you have a Chris Webber and then you have a Brad Miller, they were point guards as well. So it was easy to score with that type of team and having, like I said before, having Mike bibby in the backcourt with me. I think as much as I love Steve, you know, coming into the league. I think Mike and that team made it easier for me. To score. You know, I'm scoring 18 points shooting 47% from three and 40 some high 40s from two. And it was very easy. I didn't really have to dribble the ball this much. You know, Mike didn't have to do the ball as much. It was more so passing cut and come off a screen. So, you know, you know, Mike definitely deserves his flowers because he, to me, was one of the best point guards, especially Myra. And, you know, for me, I said to myself, this team was going to win regardless. Whether he had me or not, even though American 18 points, it's going to have, they're going to win, 'cause they were coach well, Rick Edelman, you know, Pete, you know, all those guys. And I said, you know what, I want to challenge. So I was a free agent. So, you know, my steak was high. So I said, it was Kobe was first, because Kobe's a free agent as well. So it was Kobe first and then it was someone else on me than someone else, whatever it was as far as the shooting guards, as far as reagents, top shooting guards. So, you know, I said to myself, I said, yeah, man. I didn't like LA. Did not like yell at it, because I'm from the east coast, all that fake stuff, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. And then I get to LA and it wasn't so much about LA, you know, me growing mentally and maturity wise, it was more so the people that come to our latest acting like there's something different. LA was amazing. The people from LA, the outdoor scene, the activities, the whole thing was just beautiful. And I'm like, wow, I said, you know what? I was in Spain. And I said, you know what? I'm going to try LA. I'm going to try to not call Sam cassell and I said, yo, what's up? I think you should come with me, man. And we can really turn this organization around. And at first saying it was a little more he was a little reluctant. And then he set up, yeah, Kat, let's do it. So we go to LA. And you know, I knew the history of 14 plus years, no playoffs. They always lose in, blah, blah, blah, blah, the whole thing. And I said to myself, it was more so a challenge for myself. It's like, can I help lead a team, Houston Rockets you make the playoffs? Sacramento, you make the playoffs, right? And that's why I was a little, you know, but heard about the Orlando because they lost, they only won 18 games a year before. So for me, I'm like, that would have been great to go there and help those guys, you know, uplift those guys and things like that. And that didn't happen. So I took it as more of a challenge going to the Los Angeles Clippers. And getting them to the playoffs, and you know, just seeing the faces of kadeem hardison and Billy Crystal and, you know, Freddie muniz and all those guys that were loyal fans for so many years. And once we clinch and we make it, I mean the city, the stadium, everything was just amazingly beautiful. Sam was a yeller, but it meant he meant it in a very uplifting way, right? And if you didn't have tough skin, it was kind of hard. But again, Sam would kind of get you out of the holes that you were in mentally, right? Because he would attack and then he would slow your brain down a little bit or he may give you the ball in the easy spot. Just different things like that. But I met Sam, my rookie year in Houston. And another underrated point guard that I love to death was Nick Van Exel. And him and Sam were tight as vice grips, okay? So they took me in. I was their guy. And they would teach me certain things along with Alvin Williams, just how to attack the game. How to play hard, how to do those different things. And, you know, for me, I think it's 2004, 2005. My 5th or 6th year is when I went to the clippers, and I was sitting there like, you know what? Sam was a fridge and I'm like, Sam, I think me and you should help the clippers, man. I think we can do this. And at first, he was like, nah, come on, cat. Are you serious? The clippers, I'm like, say I'm telling you, you gotta help them brand, you got Corey magda. You got a nice little unit there. These both of these boys average 20. They're gamers. All we gotta do is change the mindset. And having Sam, I don't think people really understand how lethal Sam was. Sam, he may have been scared or fearful inside, 'cause all of us have these emotions, right? But there's a certain amount of people that never show it. And he never showed that, right? He wanted to win all the time. And he would let you know that. Whether it's practice, you know, shooting drills, just different things like that. So I was blessed to be around a person that was so competitive. At a very young age in NBA, right? Because you can easily be around somebody that's a little docile, a little, you know, don't want to be competitive, things like that. But I make the next

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