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Always been yes yeah wrestlemainia three really yes which was was nineteen eighty seven. Detroit silver on Silverdome. That's the first of May I saw to my first one so many tools that one where they they they had broadcast from three different locations. I think it was Chicago. La New York New York right yeah neck back then it was closed circuit was at a closed circuit location. I don't know what the hell that that meant I went with my friend to the closed circuit we basically what it was a giant TV in the arena and I remember he was so disappointed that they don't have any live matches and I'm like no we paid money to watch TV in an arena this a stupid who why are we doing this like the fact that you're actually not seeing anything live but that's how you would see the pre pay per view. Yeah you know like now watch fights like that. You know like lobby in Vegas. I can't get into a fight so I just go to one of the casinos. That'll have a a closed circuit cool when you're there sitting there with freaking two thousand people in a banquet hall. There's TV's all over the place and you can get to a bathroom without a problem. It's not bad. It's still it's still good energy. Who are who are some of your favorite wrestlers ever man. How do you think we have time you big time out. Some of your favorites. The past the present Gimme a few from the past and a few from the president well present company excluded a stone calls. Always you know for me. Just I always enjoyed. I liked him more than the rock. I was huge oaken. Fans Stone Co came along and I was just always extol goals don't Colton Bolton and and so getting to meet him. It was was not a disappointment because it wasn't like it was in the rings. I go. Steve Asta coming at you and then meeting them in person. It wasn't hey my name's Steven. No it was the same dude and that for me was like awesome. Ours is so big fan of Jake the snake jake the snake one of those like you know he would never yell always quiet and here you can hear about him and and you're just like. Ooh What's he saying in the snake snake's freak me out and so it was always he's one of those like ooh. Heathrow snaking ring and everybody would get another surprise for he's on the cruise to I became friends with Jake through DP be three. DP became friends with Jake and with Scott. Okay scuttle yes with all three of them are on the cruise this old home week do yeah. You should be paying me to go on the cruise out. Tablet is still available although not anymore. We're sold out now. Oh you bring uh-huh yeah but you mentioned that you went to a double double nothing in Las Vegas Eighty WS I. I was very impressed. It was very very very impressed now. Tell me your thoughts as as a fan who hadn't seen a w before I had. I had certain expectations because I mean you know you guys were pumping pumping it up and all the promos again big fan of of a good production. The PROMOS had high production value didn't seem like it was wonky. It seemed legit Buddy Alfred Amen. GotTa stick. It's gotta stick as he had he got there earlier because I was that a having lunch with a oh I got to think of his name Gordon. I was having lunch with Gordon and so I'm like are you can't even you you know because I had to go the Gordon Ramsay things set up and so I had to send Alfred ahead of me to go so he caught the first few matches. I caught the second half but when I got there. I was very impressed with again. The production value it was as good it was as good as the you know as as the the other guys the matches inches the my favorite match was the younger young bucks young young bucks versus. Lou Brother Spending on Phoenix all my God that that match was just it was non. Stop there in the ring out of the ring. They're doing things in sync I was. I was blown away by that match. I had never never seen the the young young young bucks. I'd never seen them Russell before and I was just these guys been and I be- I became fans of of names and faces that I had never seen before and it was it was one of those things where when I thought it was over clearly it wasn't over. you know you had the match you had the belt and I'm like wow okay. This is awesome and I'm trying to walk out of the building without with my buddy Alfred and Tommy Dreamer. Stop US or are you going to go. I got I got a show to do he because you're walking down the best part turn around. Just keep watching ensure shit. You know you guys set it off and I'm like Oh my God and even then when I thought okay now. It's over next thing you you know there's a freaking gold is up there with a sledge hammer like wow that's the oxy came down and beat up. Canyon me. Oh Dan we we had such a great time and we talked about it. We're like wow this. This is legit. This is legit when you were. GonNa have a good time but we didn't think that it was going to will be at that same level and we felt that it was and I think that's and I think that was everyone's opinion. That's why wasn't all out. I think than we just sold out for TV taping three hours. That's in October so it's an amazing product. Thank you and it's an exciting time for a wrestling fan and to be in the business. This is well you know coming out the gate because I feel like I had that whole. Is it GONNA be like. TNA when they first came out 'cause it was like all the rumblings overcoming out there. It was like Oh okay okay but I didn't get that from Awa. like you said there's a lot of guys that are like. Kanye Megan the young bucks and they've been doing this for years that mainstream wrestling fans have never heard of that are and do the same thing that you just did like where these guys been. There'll be ten year overnight sensations. He's been doing it for so long that are gonNA blow people's minds and that's why I was really excited about it as well so give me a four x shirt that I couldn't find that night four x four X. Awol rocket. I'll get you one last question for. I always if I have a restless on I'll ask them what their favorite match I've ever had and and and bans favorites on they play for you. Is there a certain GIG that stands a few that was like a special gig. your favorite. GIG that you ever did the one that really stands out to me is one right here on the floor. April Seventeenth Twenty Fifteen Madison Square Garden and I could say I played the big house. That's crazy yeah as the headliner as the headliner so that was like okay I even told the crowd says you know every time I do. Interviews and people ask me. When did you know you made it and I go. I've never wanted to say say that because I feel like when you say that you stop growing once you say you've gotten to the to your destination. Why keep pushing keep moving forward and so. I never wanted to say say that because I felt like it would psychologically making stop trying harder. I says but I says but after tonight if someone asked me. Would you know you made it. I'M GONNA have a date and I says I says I'M GONNA say it's April Fifteenth April fifteen twenty any fifteen yeah Madison Square Garden New York City and when I said that the whole building erupted because I said you guys this today people can no today's is the day because after draft playing Madison Square Garden you can't be like I'm still struggling to kind of you. Know Him struggling to take your auto from so-called. That's not bad dude. I'm excited for the crews and we have a great time. I'll make sure that industry to Ric flair don't fan boy too bad when you meet him so so tell everybody who's who's in your host. Now all this analysis let's do it. Let's hear it is right here. Well Brad Williams. could make the crews because of his wife having the audacity to have a baby during the cruise. Oh you knock up your wife. You knew you had a cruise to go to the new host of the Cruise Gabriel Iglesias right here yeah so that means that basically what the hosts means that you have to basically follow me around if to carry my bags. You have to pour me a drink if to clean my cabin if I need it all that sort of stuff that's all. I'm in the green man. I just I just bought a house next door to Brad Williams grandma really. I didn't even know really yeah. Brad hits me already goes eight. Did you just buy a house at such and such. How the hell do they know because it's not even in my name. I put it under a different name to how do you. I don't even go there and like you live next door to my grandma. She's ninety years old and she knows you live there. All my God well. You registered a different name but you registered under fluffy no off right now his grandma she's ninety years old but she's like neighborhood. Watch oh Jewish neighborhood watch. She knows what's going on. Yeah that's great man. Show the two brads grandma shot at the breath grandma and shut up two brads a future kid yeah and shot up to to the new host of the Jerky so then you hosted the cruise Gabriel Iglesias. Thank you all right. Thanks to Fluffy Gabriel's beyond the fluffy world tour two thousand nineteen starts Friday. This Friday in North Dakota used to go there from Winnipeg for vacations. what happened in place you can get tickets at fluffy. Guy Dot Com makes me check him out. He's so funny and his Netflix comedy series. Mr Glaze just got picked up for season to go binge sees them one so that you're ready new episodes come out next year and of course you will see. Am Hosting Chris Jericho's rocking agency part is sold out but you could still get on the waiting list at Chris Jericho cruise dot com. If somebody can't can't make make the reservation happen can't can't go go to the good of the cruise or whatever if a cabinet opens up before we set sail January you'll be able to join us for the case of a life in the still a chance go to Chris Jericho cruise dot com sign up for the waiting list to get on the ship with fluffy ric flair and debut. Jake Roberts Booker T. MVP the guerreros rose Jack Slaves keeping the ice cold and ready Craig Gas Fonzie farewell two fear kick axe the torch Rubik's Cube Jerry James Nichols because Davis Vivek project killer Queens the whole Awa crew the young Bucks Cody Kenny Omega Brandy Roads Hangman Pay John moxie panella before Lucia Soroush. Mg have all the famous big stars will be there beyond the darkness. Don goes stories. Go get on the waiting list of Christianity cruise DOT COM and go to Iraq dot com to get tickets for the last last four shows of the unleashed in the West tour. We are going to be in Dallas tonight. September twenty fifth can't haul Jerry James Nichols and sons of Texas September Twenty six Houston.

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