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So you've got the best player in my opinion in the league on your team lebron james who's gone into other people's buildings in one huge road game so number one you've got to win game two at home to even the series and then you gotta find a way to go into indiana and and win which would be very difficult because victor depot and nate mcmillan squad could care less could care less those payments space fans are going to be on one on one all right we stumbled upon something we started the show you know it's one thing to come up with the fifty greatest players of all time we've come up with the fifty we're trying to come up with fifty goodest players of all time so this is based off al horford now okay in paul millsap joe johnson vladivostock for joe johnson was was it all star for all star beat all star though right and you can't make more than five all star teams okay fair enough like nick man axles on the on the goodest players john starks is a good player michael finley a good is player i would put eddie jones former laker here's one how the ricky pierce back of day ricky pierce was a bad boy trip yeah you had a roster of of guys you had dale davis antonio davis rick rick von smits detlev shreds jackson jackson could be on that list yes so it's really hard to come up with the fifty goodest players of all time it is very difficult because these guys were on the fringe of being great but they were paired with superstars that sometimes their talent got overshadowed but if you took a poll of locker rooms mark jackson debt live ricky peers eddie jones nick that axles those guys were the heartbeats of those teams goodest players who are some of the other players that we had mclovin.

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