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The City American Shaman Show heard every Sunday here in Wtmj Holsteins, defeated, joined by my co host, Matt Wall Store owner and see the American shaman. And mats like we do a lot of weeks. We have a special guest this Sunday. Yes, we do. We have one of my personal favorite guests coming back to the show Our director research Dr Bob Kaufman. I'm really excited to have Dr Bob on the show because there's a medical doctor. He's able to talk about things. That me, is it, Stoerner. I'm just not able to talk about so Our listeners out there, Dr. Bob, Just reintroduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got with American shaman and what your role is with American shaman. I was a professor of medical school for years taking care of women that were pregnant. There were something wrong with the mother of the fetus. And then I had to go on this disability because my knees gave out because I was a catcher through college, as well as a basketball player and too many ups and downs on those these I was too young to get any replacement. Try to go on disability and then I got me replacements. And then I was got certified his analogy and me not and monologist and I'm so doing that today. But also during that time after that, the replacement at £10 with my leaders, sewer hurting, and it turned out that broken a piece of melon, but we didn't recognize it. Then I started looking at TBD and I found CBD American family events, and he was by far the best producer of it and producing things like pharmaceutical grade products. So start working with him. Did some research with him. That was about suit saying years seven years ago, maybe six years. Uh, I can't remember in a long time. And then ultimately he hired me on the back of Esther of research because I love doing research. I love finding out the answers. Tell us right now, what is the current stance of the FDA when it comes to CBD? Well, that's changing. It seems like almost weekly. Uh, They think that one a lot marijuana in with all the hand plants and trying to do this, and they're treating the him products like drugs, not nutritional supplements. It's almost like they're trying to find a way to vilify the hemp products and looking to prove that they're harmful. While they're ignoring all the evidence to the contrary, and so I'm not sure exactly what they're going to do. Where the girl what's gonna happen, But But we need an issue we need. We need them to come up with something because the public obviously wants CBD because they're using it like crazy. But the problem is, there's no regulations to ensure that there's public safety for the product like for contaminants that heavy males comes to side or labeling with the product contains making sure that the product contains with the label says. And there's so many people make him illegal medical claims at this point because they have no support that their product to do with the crane say, and there's all kinds of other issues, so I'm not sure what the FDA is going to come to, and they require more legislation. But Something's gotta happen here. Sometimes we're talking to our guest doctor about Kaufman. He's head of research for shaman botanicals. Dr Bob, Let me ask you this. We talked a lot about somebody, of course on the show, and the great resource is of American shaman. Why is research so important when it comes to see body products? Well, there's several reasons one of them is we're trying to answer the FDA concerns. Okay, whether these were real or imagined, concerned where we're trying to answer that. Maybe we're doing numerous research projects on that. Also trying to determine whether any of the clinical significance of any laboratory changes that we might be finding. Where do they have any clinical significance or not? Okay, So those are some of the things we're going for research and humans are trying to determine the efficacy of the product that is Other concern. Simply Billy we can prove that the CBD can do this for various conditions. You know, when people think CBD for conditions sometimes it's like a miracle happens to some of them. Some of them get no response at all in the majority or somewhere in between. It seems like and the percentages seem to vary by condition and things and some sometimes it's almost all miracles. Sometimes it's almost no all of it. No response. And we need to find out why this is occurring and we're finding out some of it. There has to do with the amount that need to be given. Sometimes it's the whether it's a man or product, which is a mountain of product. We also need to find out why that occurs and then also weathers full spectrum broad spectrum isolate what excursion occurs best there, so all of that has to go. And then there's also the idea and the concept that most people don't really think about. That is The use of animals We know about using passing. We're responding. We need research on what can it be used for pets, and we know that every animal Issues. Responds differently to CBD and none of the animals we storm exactly that humans do. So we got all of these questions. And then there's the question of livestock production because doesn't help with litter size and help with survival Adaptation doesn't help with animal husbandry and Gaining weight and and is the is the product found in the meat. If it's given to a new animal on if they didn't sound the meetings and then activated by heat, Is it okay to be in the old doesn't need to be stopped. But There's all these questions that are out there with CBD and people are using and all different kinds of ways, and we don't have the answers and so research we needed to get the answers to all these questions. He is Dr Bob Kaufman, head of research for Shaman Botanical. Our guest on the American Shamans show heard every Sunday here in Wtmj. Along with my co host, Matt Walsh. We'll take a break after the break. They look at a really specific study that points the impact and effects of CBD. That's next right here. WTMJ do.

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