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Perpetrators of this assault on officers we can find the people responsible and it's just like when we've had incidents like him Bergesen in Baltimore and elsewhere it's like you see here we've got the video tapes we we can find a lot of the people involved there were people taking buckets and throwing it on top of police officers this is not gonna end well if this is allowed to continue I put this squarely on the shoulders of comrade Billy the blouse hero was you know in Waterloo Iowa while running for president without a chance in hell of ever winning when a blackout occurs in New York City and I I'm just I can't believe it anyway finally a couple of the suspects the New York Post is reported three now there's probably fifty three people that we could arrest including one reputed Crips gang Crips gang member on probation in connection with these videos of dousing the water on cops in Harlem and Brooklyn law enforcement say I have a buddy of mine you know it let me tell you something you have every right to use force if somebody is about to throw anything on you I don't know if that's water you don't know what's in the wheel so cold water you know I have a friend of mine that is had total had to retire go out on pension because he had acid thrown in his face as a police officer but a minute in dial captains boats but I'm the lost sight of one of his attorneys you don't know what people coming at whether you know present somebody you think it's funny somebody jumps on stage and they want to throw a pie a bill Kristol orang colds or Pat Buchanan which is all happen well as somebody's coming at you you don't know if there's razor blades in that hi you don't know what's in there all Hannity that's parent no it's not paranoia there are bound to assault you and if people feel that they can assault our police officers this is going to end badly for everybody because there's going to be no cop that's going to be willing if they don't have the backing and support of their mayor and there commissioner and that they don't get the back up and we don't arrest everyone of these people involved in this that's the only way it's going to end your rest three people when you have dozens and dozens of people that we have on video where they all arrested anyway one was hit with charges of obstruction of governmental administration criminal nuisance that's it how bout assault battery of a police officer you know I I I is what is one guy's twenty prior arrests why is a guy with twenty arrests for crimes like assault still on probation why is the roaming around free to begin with physically attacking cops with impunity no consequences you know that this this is Conrad the blouse hills New York I'm gonna tell you something cops are gonna then just to just gonna stop they're not gonna put themselves in a position where this is allowed to happen they can't then they didn't if they react and let's say they get in confrontation and there's a physical arrest what what what what do we do that no rest looks good especially if somebody's resisting arrest never gonna look good when you throw in somebody in hand cuffs and then you have a big crowd of people that maybe want to stop the arrest it was so bold that they're coming up with it was sort of like at the end of the Super Bowl these huge big buckets of water and pouring them on my hand of these brave men and women that are putting their lives on the line for everybody if I I can angers me by the way Washington examiner put out the latest Gallup survey immigration is now at an all time high in terms of voter concerns twenty seven percent citing immigration as their top concern okay free healthcare for real legal immigrant that's gonna work out really really well for everybody in the end I'm now before I get I'm I just want you to know something so all of a sudden Maxine waters was on Twitter Monday reminding Democrats to keep their eye on the prize of a possible impeachment anyway but you know and then she was asserted in a series of tweets the judiciary members are armed with a good plan to force more out of baller when he testified before the committee of this work so give us the ammunition we need to start impeachment immediately not gonna happen Maxine waters even shift the cowardly **** you know this guy and they have lower have built expectations so many times just to disappoint and what we've got the evidence we've got it high crimes and misdemeanors all the evidence right there what what is it it's very good the only one on tape colluding with Russia is the cowardly ship and I bet you know it's unbelievable to me anyway he are announced he's no longer hell bent on impeaching the president and downplayed the prospects of removing removing the president from office through impeachment saying the only ways leaving office at this point it by being voted out you figured it out bill Maher is pretty distraught tweeting out some sort of following on the heels of Michael Moore I can't watch this anymore go home guys you made J. try on the glove and it just didn't work you can still win the election but I wouldn't bet my own money on it okay where we go then you have in the wake of all of this Andrew McCabe is ramped up his calls for impeachment a trump yeah that's yeah brilliant brilliant strategy on his part we reminded him like we were reminded called me that they have the right to remain silent member Andrew McCabe is the one we now know is the one that said even though he knew was an investigation and that they had raw intelligence and leaked intelligence and are we had surveillance on a masking a general plan and they knew everything was going to say oh no you don't need a lawyer and call me follow up with no no no no you don't need a lawyer and well take advantage of the chaos I'm gonna send my guys in there to set you up in a perjury trap and even then the app I still didn't think he lied but after your bankruptcy some money was somebody and cast the cells house and you say well you don't do what we want we're going to put your kid in jail well what what fathers not gonna dive on the sword for his kids frankly if you want to do that I would think less of you if they tell you well we'll just gonna put your son in jail will put your wife in jail will put your kids in jail I ate what he can do you'll dive on the sword you'll die I tell you if you care about your family gonna dive on it okay I know I didn't want I didn't think I lied ball sign this stupid thing just like offering you know something of great value what is of great value freedom here's a get out of jail free card you see this now my under Weissman I'll give it to ya if you give me a dirt on trump although the other band that game was played with manta for that game was played with cone obviously I mean this has this practice has to stop because they're telling people what to say to get out of jail free or get a reduced sentence we can offer something of value to somebody you know who's guilty but if you want somebody else that's guilty I still never to this day we can understand Sammy the bull Gravano guilty in nineteen murders and they they never has to go to jail because he flipped on godi they wanted godly that bad so believable anyway in the wake of all this season now McCabe member he said no dot CA no fire is a war okay well with Russia get collapsing McCabe this morning says the Congress needs to impeach trump now more than ever surgeon you cling to that well my advice you have the right to remain silent we know where this is headed I've been telling everybody what's really going on and it now the death by right now the dams are all about trashing Muller all right it's the you know they're just so angry you know you got the Michael Moore frail old man unable to remember thing stumbling refusing to answer basic questions I said in twenty seventeen Mahler confirmed it today all you pundits moderates lame Democrats who told the public to put their faith in the esteemed Robert Muller just shut the bleep up from now on even that idiot Jeffrey Toobin the dumbest lawyer on TV look at is winning now it certainly seems like trump is winning between the two of them and it goes on from there this is this is the America we're living in I can't believe conservatives actually exist was interesting at one X. M. S. M. A. R. M. as the NC hosts crystal ball rebuking of former network wall to wall coverage of the former special counsel mothers effects of the Asian okay and she pointed out that the president is associates clearly sought to work with Russia then lied okay let's just believe the conspiracy theory even more deeply and look there's a lot of things here the thing is I would say more than anything else you can take out of this this means Weissman ran the show I'm warning about this guy from the get go and mother allowed it to happen is I'm sorry that he doesn't get a pass in my book you know I eat them but he was used and everybody knew that he was not going to have the ability to perform well they thought they could pull through it and their hatred of trump that that certainly is of a higher priority than a hold whether or not yeah the person that that goes there they they're just gonna get trashed as a result of this you know then the media is to all of us I take it it's there's a lot at stake here there's more at stake than I think most people now you know you have the most powerful people in democratic politics that a perfectly fine with the rig primary with Bernie Sanders you have people in in politics perfectly fine that Hillary had a rigged investigation and the felonies and obstruction of clear but they only cared about no underlying crime and trump publicly complaining on Twitter about whether you should fire Mahler then you've got it's not Nancy Pelosi it's the squad the most influential will be happy to be able to dig up a tape of Congress woman Omar white men are the most dangerous threat in America today now that it's this squad that is influenced the most the twenty twenty democratic presidential hopefuls listen a lot of conservatives in particular would say that the rise in Islamophobia as a result of hate the FIA a legitimate fear they say of quote on quote jihadist terrorism whether it's for the hood all sound than a Dino with the recent truck attack in New York what do you say to them I would say at a at our our country should be more fearful of of of white man across our country because they are actually the crossing most of the deaths with in this country I don't have time to play at all then we've got Congress woman to leave comparing this boycott Israel the same words by the way we got a lot of **** comparison from the squad because the Cortez that these are like concentration camps these these holding facilities for illegal immigrants and then you had congresswoman Omar and saying that well Israel's like a rock and we boycotted **** Germany now we got to leave comparing the boycott Israel movement again to **** Germany listen I stand before you the daughter of Palestinian immigrants Aaron to experience being stripped of their human rights the right to freedom of travel equal treatment so I can't stand by and watch this attack on our freedom of speech and the right to boycott the racist policies of the government and the state of Israel all Americans have a right a constitutional right guaranteed by the first amendment to freedom of speech to petition their government and to participate and boycotts cans of conscience have long and proud history a patisserie painting a boycott specifically to advocate for human rights abroad hands boycotted **** Germany in without their human is eight yeah ****.

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