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Having fun damn patterson from techrepublic it pruitt from techrepublic that was a coincidence we did play with that way just is there's so many everybody we know works for cbs interactive in one former fashion except for you ben you don't ben brock johnson senior producer is wbur he's the brock johnson let's see should we talk about apple we haven't talked much bad apple they have now signed yet another content superstar to produce a new series for whatever the hell they're planning apple says we're gonna spend a billion dollars for regional content they hired m night shyamalan he's going to do a ten episode psychological thrillers shemil and of course the director and creator sixth sense sign so many great scan of movies with twists in them he did a show called wayward pines this will be a thirty minute series will be executive producer they hired uh they they contract with steven spielberg to reboot his amazing stories their abating a halfhour comedy series about a morning show with christon wig jennifer anniston and reese witherspoon there's a a show produced by camille than johnny and the emily be gordon who did the big sick called little america an anthology series about immigrants is pretty cool they're putting a lot of money into this and yet no word about how they plan to do it i it is his could it be do you have to subscribe to apple music to see m night chamblain's tv series i don't know right destitute as god who unsettled have access to this stuff young is it solely on apple tv because i haven't heard much good talk about ample tv devices plate it seems like a lot of money to spend to get people to buy a device that nobody really wants because is twice as much as a roku at least and really has only one advantage over the roku apples i tunes tv in both so apples got money to burn though bailing out money you know it seems like i could imagine almost a scenario where they're like wolf.

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