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On the north side here, and she was touring some of the clean energy labs at the university has to offer. They do wind tunnel research turbine research, as well as some sustainable energy research, And it's all tied to the president's. $2.3 trillion American jobs plan When really she was highlighting the research and development aspect. Included in that plan is $180 billion of investment and really pushing everything that they're doing here at U W M as part of the president's infrastructure plan, Tony did she get specific it all. I mean, I know that, like the mayor was there at the round table. There were some dignitaries from Wisconsin Milwaukee specifically, did she get into the details of what the infrastructure plan could mean for us? Not her herself. But as sitting around that round table along with Congresswoman Glenmore, Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin, a couple of local leaders here for the public schools and public libraries. They told her a little bit about what their needs are and how they're trying to have some of the sustainability in some specific plans, And this was all I guess music to her years and really pushing and advocating for the fact that that's exactly what they're trying to investment invest in And making that push that it is the largest non defense investment in the country's history. So really trying to garner up that support that you mentioned some of those dignitaries, Mayor Tom Barrett County executive David Crowley, attorney general Josh Call all here, you know, Um, Chancellor Mark Monet tol take in and really kind of an excited atmosphere during her. It was a pretty from table, but they were just happy to have the vice president here. Wtmj is Tony Bennett. Thank you so much, Tony..

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