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Jesus in march our i was keen all the mess the eu remember a big south you face say you're crazy in the backs now a smiley from this day you will in the nose lead the death in the view that thanks for listening donna marley and seve on my taught quantum seven one everything entered samans cut up steam diligently deliberately delayed everybody jeers dili dillais okay i told you guys what dillydally met last week so it is the kind of nonsensical although i think there are historical connotations to the words dili dili that is now being used in but light commercials there has gone viral very funny yes so they got a couple of commercials that they were did they had a first wine is called banquet and that kind of went viral now they have another one that has a sequel okay so this has gone completely viral it's why you're hearing a lot of people randomly does yell dili dili here and there if you've heard it saw this has a home larry is local up it's perfect that we talked about this last week because it's a four higher when into modest to brewing which is a local minneapolis brewery they had to put on their menu a mosaic a double ipa called dili dili on friday they were soon met by a messenger from anheuserbusch group that sent again a fouriron in medieval garb with us scrawl to serve modest brewing company a ceaseanddesist could not have their beer named dili deli on has now gone viral of course they did it in such a hilarious way no one's really mad at them for serving the cease and desist no one's mad at modest brewing it's kind of all in good us sundays they can leave it.

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