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Into six eighty WCBS Maryland news center, governor Hogan's inauguration for a second terrorists the head Wednesday at Annapolis and a former governor and presidential candidate will be the introduction. Speaker Jeb Bush will attend according to Hogan's office late fees on water bills waived for furloughed, federal, employees and contractors who are Baltimore City. Water customers so says mayor Catherine Pugh federal workers and contractors will be eligible for plans. Allowing them to pay off water bills over time. Once the shutdown ends a hit and run fatal in the area. Saturday state police say they have located the vehicle and driver involved. Police have not identified the suspected driver with charges pending police say twenty one year wrote Austin, I shower of Thurmond was pronounced dead at the scene. Meantime, Friday rush. Shower resulted in a fatal crash in Baltimore City, a woman and her ten-year-old son were killed and police have now identified police say thirty one year old Maria Ramirez was pronounced dead at the scene and her son Yonathan was taken to a hospital where he later died. Maryland basketball, the Terrapins ranked number nineteen this week, and they'll take on Wisconsin at eight thirty at home. Rob Bradford six eighty w CBS news. From the FOX business network. Washington gridlock is starting to weigh on main street, according to a new survey from bankruptcy. Fifty five percent of Americans are not expecting their finances to improve this year around twelve percent, actually think things are going to get worse and get this. The main factor that's bringing people down right now, political uncertainty in Washington DC. This might have some people worry too stocks heading south again, the Dow fall a gated six points now down for two straight sessions bid.

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