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Let's get back to morning drive down Koray carrier sky-copter. It's Mark McKay. The fifty five crash cleared up. Agree crash. Westbound just west of I seventy by. Clayton county getting jam Cam delays twenty five on ice. Collector distributor ramp can access. Northbound starting to think of it as usual headed, dude. The intersection of Peachtree road road crash reported by traffic, Bruce. Five. Delay-free out of an old west, Ashley Frasca. He still have time to get down. Four hundred southbound without delay rolling pass man, Sal northeast, Mark Arum. Eighty five south still looking good in from Lawrenceville, but three sixteen westbound jamming up early brake lights start back before riverside Parkway. You'll stay slow toward bogs road. You can change the world for child in extreme poverty through compassion international, just sex child, two eight three three nine three to sponsor today. Triple team traffic WSB Barda is doing to get the rail line back open to the airport. WSB news time is six zero seven there's something. So unique about a business built on family. It is nurturing with a level of care, dedication, and respect that sets it apart. Hi, I'm Monica Kaufman Pearson. And for almost forty years I worked for a family owned business WSB TV, and that's what I found when I walked into Woodstock furniture and mattress outlet a family owned and operated business that started out thirty years ago as a small variety store in the heart of Georgia. They pride themselves on selling better. Quality furniture at lower prices. But what I discovered is that the heart of their business is the desire to serve you the customer. What's dot furniture and mattress outlet provides a friendly laid back atmosphere with hands on customer service. It's a one of a kind shopping experience with great deals on everything you need for your home. Woodstock furniture and mattress outlet found the secret to success. It's you the customer stop by one of their seven convenient locations today to experience a Woodstock difference. Visit Woodstock outlet dot com. Four location nearest you. Ron.

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