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How strong dog you'd think you have do enough police training and enough scenarios and enough crazy places with noth environmental stressors you will find something that will wish to defend right there's there's no dog that's just ironclad i'm sorry if you think if you think that's the case you just haven't worked in but we just a couple of weeks ago we just had a paul ludwig and sam edmonds on from canine guardians and as you know like that's what they pride the cell phone as working with the police department the police canines and saying what is this dog's weakness and we're gonna find it when we dunk it underwater when it's on a bite like it let's go or when i pick it up like so yeah i think they would definitely agree with that as there's there's no hundred percent solid it's just like a person's you know you know the the comparisons to emma may you know like every fighter has a week nate nate diaz got conor mcgregor on his back and right he submitted them that his weakness was ground gain compared to eighty s but i you know i think i think a lot of people see these high dogs and they just think that they're undefeated savages and they are for the most part you know you know very strong dogs like you have pray driven dogs and then you have you know what my friends assured hilliard calls non classically aggressive dogs they don't show aggression in terms of you know showing the teeth in the in the snarling and you know in a classical defensive posture it's non classically aggressive which is basically what we call a prey monster dog and you know a lot of the special ops guys like those types of dogs so if you come from a background we see a lot of ranger dogs or you see a lot of you know a sealed odds and stuff like that they tend to be like that because his wanted to go in and be unconscious and just and going to buy anything.

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