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The day brought to you by resorts world casino queens with over six thousand games on three spacious fours they've got more right next door so we just played the goes johnson call on fox sports one he was a little over the top as usually is these fontes exciting great reacted to hearing that call earlier this morning it was butler and seton hall or so of reagan you've seen cnet magazine call the bully change what have you seen him he is so thin their years he is i saw that the guard lesserused wild verse surprised anyway look good gus grissom working to have larger galleries a day machine jiang darts thank you so much give agree johnson guys one of our moment of the day thanks jerry level you start shouting like that it's always was six o'clock hour i thought the forty five at the back up the investors bags to the as yet scoring hello yeah everybody about your what what i was gonna say hey if you have any money in your life who snores well now now why i wanted to read this first while you're not going to focus on how to do this aim at those who were accord harris i i a weightier mode of the day was taken to alone so i.

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