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So out. Thank you so much for joining us. Now, Freddie, you were talking about this back and forth. I want you to get the first question here to Al Al, Freddie, Prinze junior here. First of all I just want to say that USA Tuesday night fights besides Monday night, raw is the greatest show that the USA network ever had. I got to watch Wayne McCullough fight for free. And that was awesome. And that stuff needs to be on all the time. That said that said, I watched you. I'm one of the boxing dorks that watch these pressures. And I watched you deal with Adrian Brunner when he was very hostile with you, and you handled it like such a pro it was like watching someone it was like watching someone slipped punches when the guys throw in that. What is it like dealing with some of these personalities in today's boxing versus back in the day on the USA Tuesday night fights. Well, you know. Interestingly I've had probably three or four difficult interactions with boxers and thirty seven years, which makes some people when I covered other sports for fort center on ESPN of for a number of years. Probably I think there were athletes there that we're probably harder to deal with them. Then the boxers, but you know, he didn't Boehner is a unique case, obviously, he's a flamboyant and say lease and my distress with absence. Ration- I did try to king handle it. I hit in such a way that I I was supposed to be the story there. Anyway, it wasn't about being it was more about them. And if I couldn't get the information that I felt was my job to get for the people watching on streaming as you were or for the press on hand, my feeling was we just need to move on. And I you know, that's pretty much what I did. But for the most part, I. Have almost have had very little problem today or in yesteryear, dealing with the boxes. Yeah. I know exactly. What you're talking about? How like when you're in those pressures. You don't want to become the story like that. Well, some people do. Yeah. Hi, my name is Ramona Shelburne and ESPN did you get that you want me to spell it? The sometimes you want sometimes you want to become the story. But I like a real journalist dozen. That's not you're going. But I don't exactly because you're the idea was I was facilitating and and and to get information for that was that was my feeling about it. And he's you know, he's he's a he's a different kind of guy. And obviously, you know, he was gonna he was gonna do his thing. Whether it was premeditated, or whether it was I I don't know the the thing I was wondering if a guy can't take questions at a press conference. How is he gonna take punches in a fight? I mean, I, you know, do you do you ever? Do you ever think there's something to that of if this is bothering you, man? How's it body when Manny Pacquiao starts left-hand debt you with him because some people excuse me. Freddie roach. The trainer is back with Manny. Said that are fighter meeting, and he thinks bronner's having issues at this moment in the pressure is the moment. I don't know if that's true. It's so hard to read, you know, we've all covered been covering athletes for a long time. And it's hard to do read. What is a sign that the pressure is getting to them, or is it just peak at the moment in the great Al Bernstein is with us here on ESPN radio, Los Angeles. Let's get into the fight. This is sort of maybe a final chapter for many pack Yao. He actually he has ties that before he hasn't way. Yes. But this one feels much more real he's even back with Freddie Roach who he sort of got with. And that's when it sort of put him on the map. How do you see this fight going does many have something for Adrian can? He can he do some of the tricks that Mikey Garcia did..

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