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They've had four different right tackles i don't know who's plan now because mental at watson is on i are you can't play if you can't uh john after down especially in the twominute thrill not just passing situations than it really doesn't matter who plays quarterback until they solve that group up front they've had a lot of turn style positions are back my john bruton is with us you know sometimes we wonder about the impact of coaching in sports it feels that can baseball they have so devalued the position of manage because everything is so reliant on numbers they don't want to pay significant salaries to managers and then you go to football and you see an example like they've done in los angeles with with sean mcveigh coming in there and just turning around jared golf i wonder as a guy whose job it was to work with quarterbacks for so long as it was yours john what are you seeing in what they've done their 'cause gough was a guy and maybe it was premature but people were starting to wonder if he was a bus last year now all of a sudden he's broken out and they're the best offense in the nfl what have they done specifically that you've seen for gene gop to make him he looks like right now remember he was a junior that came out of college he came out early in a nohuddle offense and they had a very difficult offensive line less germany greg robinson was a failure left tackle bringing in andrew whitworth they've had the same starting off line there are the only team in the nfl it at saint starters up bonn every game that means that are out there probably for about practice and they have been able to activate todd girlie it all starts there i believe they can run the football inside or outside with i think the best running back in the league and when you can do that you controlled the ball better and sean mcveigh's a great coach they added a lot of skill players were there's a lot better player in la than he wasn't buffalo it's them you watch there's a lot better player i think you and he was plus loan it got a tight end nobody talks.

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