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Neighbor facing recognizing they needed support. And that's where the energy went five to ten years ago but that was then based on the assumption that once we recognize this child is being harmed. We chop protection system. Social workers respond without seeing on. Social workers are using tools and system. That was never designed to respond to sexual exploitation so i compare it to the transport announcements. We get very often around. Packages suspected packages see it. Say sorted we will never going be able to see it say it. and then sort chart exploitation. We're in a position where we can recognize it. So we're seeing it we can say it's abuse we can say. These children are victims. Were saying it has not sorted because we didn't have a system that could sort it and contextual safeguarding his one contribution. It's not a silver bullet to giving social workers better structure in which they contrite offer protection for. Young people who in appeased anna. What would you say to those. That might be worried about young person. Who's having problems. What can they do particularly now in you know the last eighteen months in in covert and lockdown and restrictions. It's been very stressful. It has been absolutely and i think is added. A huge amount of pressure to families lives young people's lives. And so you know. I would always say any adult worried about a young person and they can they. Can you know to talk to someone about it. You can contact the ns pc's to helpline We'll make sure the quantum for that is up. I'm seeing people as well. You know they might be worried about something. It's happening for themselves and might know about something. We'll be worried about something that might be happening for. The may be one of their friends or someone they know is that there is always someone you can talk to. You know you can talk to parents. Carers friends parents. Pent friends care is some holidays at the minute. Say schools aren't as accessible and there are organizations like childline. He provides telephone and online support for young people that worried and we know the language calling taught by language but we know that it can be really hard sometimes find words for ways happening or for what young people may be worried about. Sometimes they're not sure how much they should be worried. So talking it through. I think is always important option anna holland and professor at colleen firm in. Thank you so much time. This morning are rising singer songwriter. Josie protests started out playing her grandmother's guitar growing up. She was frustrated. By the extreme measures women needed to follow to safely. Get home so she wrote a song about it..

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