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Work fat on oh yeah my name's billy johnson and every morning i do the billy johnson report on case knees cayenne ez your local radio station for the snow snow snow valley i do i do the the weather and i do another one that i do is is some news and i do it for people don't read too good and can't really hear too good and we're only like eight billy and the news tomorrow morning and every morning at seven thirty right here on k sneeze okay and yeah thank you bevis phil emery chopin l to scipio in southern california now that can fill every thanks a lot i would like to ask you to give us a rating and review on i tunes it would be very much appreciated general that's exactly right a rating and review on i tone and you tell the world what you figure a fill every show hopefully something good and then people read that and the people at i tunes probably don't know what they're doing anyway they know who we better move fill henry show up a few notches on the on the on the tune dex whenever so go to i tunes kim so reading and review and we would really really really really appreciate that gives a good rating and review will love you all the live long day and i believe we've got another bar fight in the works and you can't be pitching.

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