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What once or twice the other day at times. I'm just telling you folks something I'm very excited about him. You know what he is? Barnburner. He's a burner and you know what he's an inexpensive burner much like Johnny Knox and you need guys like that to take the top off the different meaning. Keep the safety's way the hell off the line of scrimmage. So now the running in will be better. The Titans will be better everything. The quick slants all that stuff. Mooney is going to pay dividends and Anthony Miller, you know, he had a bad year last year. He had a bad attitude he didn't contribute away should have. But I'm telling you, he made a number of great catches in Detroit. That tells me I think he's got his mind made up special. This ceremony. That kid started for four years at Tulane. Four years, four straight years he was a starter. And he this guy's one of fast. This guy's in league right now. What is he like a 435432 or something like that in the 40. My God, Get that kid. Get him deep. Open this thing up bears. Open it up and then come underneath with the rest of our receivers, But use that kid use of deep on all the different patterns for three eights is 40 time. And but she is 1/5 round pick, which is where pace is good. I see guys like that only enhance Alan Robertson. Okay, so you need to shut up. Go out there and catch 80 balls and no money comes to give it the way it works a rub. Well, it's not use Hit him in in a 12 yard hook pattern or six yard hook pattern. Get moony flying down the field. Hey, Rob also got a lot of props for bringing the bears together in the offseason, leading workouts and whatnot. He's very well liked by his teammates. At some point, I think this will get done The Bears like okay, So why are you popping off after the first game? You see what I'm saying? Just either you got just got totally took it. A little too personal is what it seems like checkbook Envy. Is that what it is to go there? All right, But see, we all have it. Yeah, well, there it is The problem. I know what it's all about here, heard the shots telling you it's all about him. And he has billions will be Dad Watson from the Houston Texas, their quarterback, they extended his contract. 160 FT Doctor extension for five years. And Mahomes got half a billion. Alright news. Everyone got half billion have half a bill. News in a minute. 7 20 w g N a Dream bathroom's Not only really. It's possible during the Home Depot Days.

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