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What do you mean you know and then by the time he was twelve his brother enjoy late talked his parents back into not letting him quit. Right right and so And then by the time Angela was twelve, he realized that when he would play the piano girls that sit on the bench next to him so. Because because he played instrument, he became a chick magnet. So he's like you know what? This thing isn't half bad. No, it's like wait I can get girls with this. Okay. Tuncay time to practice. That works and then he tells he tells David Lynch about his run in with the mobster. Right. And David Lynch. See. That's great. The great story which was essentially the inspiration for. Angeles character in Mulholland drive Louis Castellini. and. So you know he told David Lynch that story and then when it was time to film that seen, he's like remember that story you told me about that guy just be that guy yeah, exactly. 'cause you said, yeah, he was like invited to a fancy dinner by the Sky Joey's wife but the Guy Joey shake Angelo's hand and apparently there was like a singer there. But the Guy Joey just kept singing like sitting there eating some soup didn't say a word. Yeah. It was very bizarre. So. So like he tells Lynch and then Lynch comes back like nine months later saying. That wants him to wanted Angelo to act in the movie. Drinks coffee and spit it known. Well. This Because he's Angeles protests I'm not an actor, but Lynch like said I want you to play Joey in the movie and I'm not GonNa tell you like I want you to do something but I'm not gonNA. Tell you what it is until. You, show up on set. So he gets there, then Lynch tells them about rolling the espresso around in does mouth and spitting it out YEP. and. Apparently that he says, that was the end of his career. He's never done acting ever since. Durable But so that was great. Yet Angelo is always is always a joy to talk about he talks about doing. Music for Ossie Davis is. Movie Gordon's war. which apparently was up like Paul Winfield blaxploitation film it was a Paul Winfield blacks rotation film in Ossie Davis wanted like an all black cast and crew. and. He said he's like Angela I love this music, but you're not a brother. And he said well from Sicily and look how close Sicily is to Africa. So I might not be a brother but I'm definitely a cousin just thought that was the door of a good line apparently, Barry White was supposed to do the score. which would have been. Both would have been AVAK. Fabulous I would love to see Jerry. I. Would have loved to have seen Barry White Angela elementary production that would have been that have been gorgeous that would have been interesting. Yeah. Yeah. So then..

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