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Federal help the percentage of hotel lungs nationwide with 30 or more days delinquent on loans is 23.4% as of last month. According to a new report commissioned by the American Hotel and Lodging Association of thousands of hotels, which were small business owners teetering on not being able to keep the doors open. Chip Rogers is the CEO of the association, nearly 4000 hotel industry leaders. Sent an urgent letter to Congress urging immediate action to help hotels avoid foreclosure and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs. Those are small business owners. So typical small business owners like a restaurant is gonna have anywhere from 60 to 90 days worth of cash reserve there, not a public company. They can't go out and find anyone that's gonna lend them that type of money right now for the Seattle Tacoma Metro area. It amounts to more than $378 million that hotel's air behind in mortgage payments. Carleen Johnson common news Students are back in class in a private school in Renton Como's Keith Eldridge with the story. It's a small, independent school kindergarten through high school. They believe they can mask up in state socially distant and keep kids and staff safe. Renton Prep Christian school 140 kids total, but only half of them are actually at the school. Other half going fully online, and they say they're following the governors and state health secretary's guidance on temperature checks, masking, distancing and being outdoors whenever possible, fully mask. We've talked with medical professionals who are families who have kids and a swell as those who are unrelated to our school, and we don't know the importance of masking Even outside then, unlike other schools that planned on a hybrid or part online and part on sites, written prep is either or That's Como's Keith Eldridge. Come on news time. 1 10. That means it's time to head to the sports desk. And let's get the latest from Bill Schwartz, who's talking frustrated college football players who are turning up the heat on conference leaders..

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