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Allo and welcomed opening arguments. This episode two hundred thirty eight married Charisma's whole ho ho how's it going? Andrew. I am jolly and my belly's gonna jiggle like a bowl full of jelly. So no, no merry Christmas. How good I am. Glad we're doing this happy to be here excited. Hope everyone's having fun. And you know, people who don't celebrate Christmas. Hope you're having a nice day off or something. Yeah. We welcome all all sorts here. And also I'm excited for today's episode because we fantastic guests. Don't worry, we're not. We're not doing any fancy drafts. This year. Although we'll have to hey, whoever had that scoresheet going for our presidential primary fancy draft. Let me know we had all scoring system. So que get back in contact with us. And we'll we got we got follow up on that. Because that's coming up real soon. Yeah. And we've and we've got to do a supplemental at some point, right? Like there are some notable free agents out there. I think we would've wave him off the waiver wire. Yeah. We'll have to set that up, but no no fancy draft this year. Instead, we've got a fantastic interview with Matt Donnelly gonna hop on with him in a minute here and comes from a distinguished line of lawyers and judges actually so lots to talk about anything to cover before we hop on with Matt. No, let's get you it. All right. Let's do. We are joined by Donnelly met welcome to the show. Thanks for coming on. How you doing today? I appreciate it. Am I'm super excited to have you on the show it it was really kind of for two to circumstances. Apparently our audiences overlap rather substantially Matt co host the the ice cream social podcast, which is a another another highly esteemed legal podcasts. That's. Really? The law yet. I question tells about your jurisprudence philosophy over on the ice cream social podcast, you lean more originalist or do you lean more my host Paul areas are behind it. And I don't. That's how we feel about that. No. I love that. We have crossover on it just proves you know, that people are so diverse. I remember back when Ps to argue about, you know, great television versus like reality television. And I always say like you you're making the argument like there's two different audiences. It's the same audience people like watching terrible stuff and people love watching amazing stuff. We'll figure out..

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