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Now it's time for our weekly recommendation when we make a suggestion meant to take your mind off of politics, Ross, it is your job this week. What do you have? So recently David recommended a specific kind of perfectly brewed coffee from a specific coffee, shop, and one of the questions that you often get as a New York Times, columnist people say, well, where do you do your writing? So I figured I could follow on David's recommendation and also answer that question by saying that I strongly recommend doing all of your work in coffee, shops, because that is in fact what I do. And the genius of working in a coffee shop is that you are affectively renting an incredibly small workspace in which you are sort of stuck for a specific period of time and it gets you out of your home, but you're not in an office. Honestly, when I worked in the Washington DC bureau of the times once upon a time this guy, David Leonhardt was always wandering. Into the office and wanted to talk to me about the great issues of the day, which was very distracting. I have always found the coffee shop as a workspace to be this happy medium. So how do you think about the ethics of the renting part of it? It's a little awkward, right? But generally, I feel like if you come into a coffee shop at nine AM, and you buy, let's say a lot and some sort of breakfast thing then you've rented things up until the lunch rush. And then you need to make a choice about whether you're going to spend more money at that coffee shop or clear out. That's my basic ethical physician I completely concur. People who read the page might be surprised at how much of the work that they're reading is actually being done at random coffee shops in the tri-state area. That is our show for this week. Thank you so much for listening. If you have thoughts or questions, leave us voicemail at three four seven nine one five four three two four, that's three four seven nine one five four three two four. You can also Email us at argument at NY times dot com. If you like what you hear please. Leave us a rating or review in apple podcasts this week show was produced by Alex Laughlin, and Winston Wong for transmitter media and ended by lacy Roberts. Our executive producer is Greco. We had help from Tyson Evans, Phoebe, let yin Persad Philbrick and Francis, seeing our theme was composed by Allison Leyton Brown special, thanks as always to Kaiser health news for use of their studio. Checkout, Kaiser health news is big scoop this week on a secret FDA database, and we will see you back here next week. Thank you so much for joining us bla-bla-bla stitching the rest.

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