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The prairie winter of two thousand thirteen was cold bleak much like the mysterious disappearance of a thirty one year old mother of three named Nicole Waller. There were no answers written on the Montana Wind. Only her family left twisting in misery. You had a good night's sleep since this happened now finder Carmen clunk especially after. She received that facebook message from the calls account. The one that read. Everybody had a lovely evening. Not Coming home. Don't laugh at me. Sorry I let everybody down. That message seemed far more comforting than the other facts of the case. The Coles Ford expedition with all her stuff in it found on an Indian reservation on the edge of town once known as stabbed city. Fbi Agent Craig. Overby was studying those facts for someone just spurlock. In Montana's very unusual Nicole was was the type of person who was in cost communication with her family and friends and so for her. Basically just seesaw. Communications of something was not right. Investigators circled back to the two men in the coals. Life estranged husband Jason under boyfriend. Cody Johnston both men. Claimed they'd been at work the day she disappeared. She said well. There's nothing I can do. You know nothing's good enough for you. I'M GONNA I'm Lee is okay. So that's that's I'm going back to work in that. Videotape interview cody had given to police. He made no secret of how he and the Cole had been arguing for the forty eight hours before disappearance and that it was his decision to break up. I can't I can't do this could he? Would you be any reason why anyone would suspect that you had something to do with her? Being gone missing or anything actually hurts me and I'll try to help her no lassie. You know. No matter what she's ever done to me I love her and no. I wouldn't hurt her and I don't WanNa see hurt. In fact Nicole's family and friends felt that cody was perhaps the very best thing that ever happened to her. They had big plans. We all thought this was going to meet Nikki's happily ever after he always seemed to be able to calmness storm. If you will with Nikki which is a valuable talent to have around Nikki. She was a tornado sometimes. He promised her the Mon he was going to take care of her and he was doing. Just that cody made six figures of these mechanic in the oilfields and he wasn't shy about sharing it and the one person actually try to do everything for her helping her manage her money make good financial decisions for her and her children helped her get a bigger home. You'd become so close with Nicole's daughter. Ashland that with her own father out of the picture ashland started thinking of cody as a parent. My niece was always very protective of my sister. To shove out every boyfriend she ever had a knew that it was serious. When Ashland told me I was ready to call him. Dad The perfect right loves you. Love your kids everybody and there when you need them exactly. D- with all your faults and everything over here that she strained relationship with every person she's ever you know I've taken to every Arthur's point when I could've gone to research with like many couples they've been on and off but by late two thousand twelve just five months before Nicole disappeared. They were back together. Because we'll have choices paid money. The war would have been a rockefeller. My sister made a pretty big mistake. I think she was just desperate because she realized that cody was the best thing that ever happened to her. So she told cody she was pregnant even though she was not exactly. How did you persuade him? The Jewish pregnant she had taken my nieces ultrasound. Pictures cut it off like the date off and sent them to him than I know. It makes my sister right now. Look like a real winner by people have done worse to keep relationships. Here's the thing about lies. They work this one did until about a month before Nicole vanished finally it all broke down or she violate admitted to me about a month ago. She says I was pregnant. So that point you know we talked you know. I said this is just your need help and it was about that time. Cody told detectives that with his relationship with Nicole. Starting to crash another player would change the geometry of this story. It would triangle the night after cody said. Nicole left him and headed for home. Valentine's Day Thursday February fourteenth. There was someone else sleeping in. Cody'S BED COMING UP FOR INVESTIGATORS. What appears to be an eye popping clue in a very strange place. I think Craig said Hey mark there's something up on the ceiling could have been blood shirt..

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