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All right all right everybody. Welcome to catholic alpha radical. and today. i'm going to do my segment on man on fire. And today i have my friend john malloy. He attends holy rosary. Catholic church indianapolis with me. He has been married ten years to his beloved wife. Amy he has two children sofia five and evelyn to he evidence. He is an assistant. Da in indianapolis indiana which were i am from. And we bought john here for special purpose today to help us dissect to be forced culture in the country And how it works inside the justice system and how intertwines with our beloved catholic church. So welcome john. How you doing brother wrong jerry. Good man. I know that this is hard for you to come on in the middle of the day because you are a serious serious on fire attorney. He got a lot of things going on honestly. It's a nice little reprieve all what you mean. I'm i'm working today. Violent motions and do all sorts of stuff. So i'm taking early launch and men in the latter part of my morning with you. So who who. Would i rather look at you or i don't know breath analogy looking at grandma so First of all we're going to get into understanding the divorce culture stuff a little later. But i i want to do some background with you I always do my dudes man how they you know. Because i know you love the cat and then you know you face man i see it every sunny with you and your wife and family and stuff and you're there. You're very reverend so that's why one of the reasons. Why have you owned by the tell you that when i asked you to do the interview lottery. Get your area so the first question. I wanna ask you. How did you in. Amy meet guys. Let's see on thirty six. Thirteen born eighty-three are you. I dunno. i stopped counting a long time ago. I don't do birthdays out on the. I don't count either and then amy's just filthy liar. She always so. She's thirty for the longest time. She said she was twenty eight but she's a liar. She's she's very christ like this year. He's irri all so everyone from holy rosary. Who's listening to I did not say that. didn't hurry. thirty she's thirty. Gotcha and i'm swearing to it. That's where this works with. Met in on may twenty four. Th two thousand nine in quarterlane idaho. How do you know the exact date. Man asked me that. I'd be screwed while i'm awesome in. You're not you're is wrong. I got to give credit where credit's due that one. Now it was. It was a sunday was after mass on my best friend and i were Just at a church were attending school. Gonzaga university ends go bulldogs we Got out of church in this. We were go for ice cream in the best place in the pacific. Inland northwest for ice cream. Is the dockside restaurant at a quarterly resort. Some forty miles length so we item a garden. We drove to Quarterlane idaho and the on the way there. We called one of my sister's friends. Miss francis walker My sister had moved to the greater chicago area earlier in the year. And we thought my sister's friend francis may be lonely so we called francis invited her to go get ice cream with us and She said oh love to come. But i'm not driving. I'm celebrating friends twenty first birthday. Do you mind. I bring some friends. And i never my buddy adamant a francis has some hot friends. We should know randstad friends. And the more merrier so Sure enough francis showed up in the surpri. Amy whether my wife be very attractive. So francis had called me are adamant onto the restaurant before francis in amy did Probably no one. Who listens to your podcast as ever into the quarterlane resort. but it's a in four or five star resort and built out into the quarterlane lake help. It's supported by these pylons built in the lake. So i was sir. Got up from the table and walked out to meet francis in amy ride. Never met you before out of the ways who had another family y behind one these pylons and then step forward to give. Francis hugging is francis Full figured woman does not normally give people hugs. Yeah in Amy who at that time was just finishing up a pre law enforcement program. Going into a pre med program. For some reason on sunday morning at a five star resort i might be surreal rapist and taste me to the ground. What taste me. Why because she thinks that her very large friendship giving a hug from someone she didn't know may punched her. Do i'll punch women but oughta punched her out of my mother. Recover good irish woman. She it is. She says you never hit a lady. She hits you first as right. I'll i mean she knew my sister and my sister was amy's resident assistant in college. But i don't look anything like my sister I am a good foot half taller than my sister. Almost two feet taller than my sister. So francis was like. That's that's a lawyer's broader in england like. Oh yeah you had her before you even said a word you should probably feel so sorry for you and now no. She's not she's story for me at all but We spent the entire rest of the day hanging out together on the lake We crashed her friends. Twenty first birthday run. The next day was my roommate's twenty first birthday so we just pay back on each other's Birthday party celebrations Hung out that entire summer. And i knew by the end of that summer that she was the one for me were engage. Yes how okay I'm not letting you get past this one. How did you propose to her. Dude new.

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