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Is the hopefully. It's that he. He's a very nice goal. I would be very surprised if he didn't handle the turf. Well a extremely athletic light on his feet. Beautiful move nice. How 'bout The first time starter. Today at indiana For don atom presidential. He'll appreciate the mouth presidential you know. He's a nice big steady horse race. The deal came up a little deeper. Then i was thinking he needed for his first time but With how much weight that carries. He's going to benefit from the race but He has an ability level. That is good enough for this. Very nice and You've also got a second timer I'm kind of bullish on these midnight. Storms steve this is for rockingham. Hot rod rumble on thursday. Yes i race off track just a little overwhelming forty to train nicely sense and Like i said they're they're entered to win this week. That's for sure. Well steve again. Congratulations and to everybody involved That's gone into this And you made it so clear. How how everybody contributed family Employees owners everybody and Just pretty much. Aw of The career you've truly so great for the for this opportunity and the people that have made awesome. Steve asmussen everybody and Several thousand yet to come steve Good luck tonight and tomorrow Under the gavel. And we'll see thank you. Steve asmussen folks. Let's take a break right here. Top of the hour. We've got boy browning coming. We've got Brad cox we've got sean clancy clancy's next actually. Let's get clancy in here. Steve steve. I'm steve he's casey case. Grab sean clancy. And this'll be our last break in the morning. Then we've got boyd and brad. There we go about twenty minutes each probably our three at the races back after this at the races. With steve big on sirius. Xm radio great story talent. Pennsylvania only three states..

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