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Things that i noticed relate to the the porn of the script finding out info about airplane in in some footage that was shown for a couple seconds. Floating shoes credits. Can it's consistent though. Dan has been a bit of a practical joke her throughout the show. And let's face it. wouldn't you be. I mean there have been times when their lives are in danger and he still pull some stupid. Oh yeah stunt. But i could see how a few were not in a dangerous situation. You totally move things around on people just to own heck. Yeah it'd be moving the car keys and everything else. Yeah yeah yeah go out. And just moving pictures. Sixteenth of an inch to mess people up. it did. It took me a while. His voice was really really familiar. And it's like. I recognize his voice but claiming the warden y yeah finally dawned on me he was from. He was in the movie. The president's analyst he played the telephone company guy. It's pat harrington junior the schneider from schneider from wendy time. Yeah one day at a time. Yeah i think that's what it was. It sir yeah. it's definitely. Yeah that's where i know from most. I'm but i have seen him in. Actually i've seen him stuff all the way back to get smart. Yeah quite lengthy the lot of work. Yeah he didn't look quite as sleazy does in one day at a time. Yeah it's a. It's pretty impressive that he could. You know changes his appearance. We changed so much that was the seventies for people. Apparently david mccallum actually kinda looked like a kind of straight laced guy at a younger point. It's time but without hair. He's got now he is. He's bordering on the. He's bordering on a hippie. I know that's weird. It is a strange haircut. Do you think it was his real hair or just. That was the way they had wearing and sapphire and steel really. Oh i just hung rush. Yeah that's that's. His sat was his seventies. Look well was the seventies big hair. I guess Into dan his his name for being on the inside. Harry wells clever. Not herbert. George wells Well y yeah. I guess you could believe a name harry wells but could you believe herbie wells know what i think it was just. It's good as clearly. A tip of they had to the guy came with the idea. The invisible man. Yeah okay but now. Here's the.

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