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I'm michelle martin and gloria allred she spent decades helping victims of sexual abuse tell their stories now we hear hers i can't undo what has happened to me but i can use that to help others plus the water crisis in capetown south africa the city could run out completely by april and the shortage is changing life now the town on the will of way o'hare cannot the wall that chocolate greatly and then britain's with the bucket that you've got first news live from npr news in washington on janine herbs roberts on wall the head of the ntsb says they are still looking for data recorders from both trains after an amtrak passenger train slammed into a freight train in south carolina this morning leaving two workers dead and more than one hundred ten injured but he says they do have the forward facing train from the amtrak train a camera rather from the amtrak train south carolina public radio's vince cold lugo has more authority say the passenger train was bound for miami from new york south carolina governor henry mcmaster gave a brief update on the situation at the emergency operations centre just a stone's throw from the side of the wreck she is a dream was was only track leaving later movement she is a ring nam track was hit south comes from new england his two presumed florida and the collision occurred has met crew is on the scene to clean up more than five thousand gallons of fuel that leaked from one of the engines or npr news i'm vince coal go in colombia.

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