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Even then boost annuities a really tough to to get into i mean if there's it provides a lack of liquidity at the nudie level that our type of lending rahr type of investment doesn't our armed vestment is very liquid you can you can get out of it uh taxfree within about a year whereas in with an with an annuity get out of it it it takes a lot of a lot of horse power and you are going to get taxed pretty heavily in the soil yeah are insane yeah i'm not a fan of annuities i hope duluth little served in that impression no i'm i'm totally with you on that you know and robert hue sake i was talking to you about him you know uh both familiar with them off the worst yet board that you know he he can also apply it'd be going to make him investment making investment in cash flow not in hope in unfortunately a lotta people investments are just hope and i love businesses like yours because you are in cash flow business yeah absolutely in the comeback annuities you know they serve their purpose if used correctly and frankly at certain stages in people's lives depending on if they've planned or not they might be one of the best alternatives out there for them so somebody entering retirement that sitting on a nice pile of cash but maybe not enough to where they can just draw on that cash berber there's a place to considering annuity in there so there annuities or were created for reason i mean they they do work but they're not for everybody else you said um but yeah i mean well we booed i casual yeah i don't i don't want to debate and there either way because uh uh i could you can make that case the problem is to me that there were so when you war world watched alternatives don't hold you hostage stocks wife you'll have similar profound effects especially bequeathed as llc whether then just you investing in something new developing that l l c c got the same cox protection without the change was working yeah well you know what we yesterday we were uh on our radio showed real wealth blueprint we actually were having a social security conversation which was kinda bizarre 'cause i am far from a.

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