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Ruthless ferocity in the in its combat and and i mean there's a couple of things like i guess i have is central problem with the premise that i think keeps it this from being a great movie 'cause i feel like with just a few more tweaks this is this would be like jackie chan's logan like people will be talking about a like oh my god this is like this is a serious fuck in action this is the thing decades afghans dj jcd here but it it it just a little bit mr mart but still i i think it's great open makes a lot of money which agaginst sixty three years old is ld isn't this still not that's how he adds how will the isn't in real life an an and and still kicking ass yet no he definitely there's some pretty kick ass jackie chan stephane here it's not you know his former glory days but it's still way better than i could do even today 35 well you know and i was thinking because like i want to spoil anything yet in the early goings jackie chan is plain old man jackie jansher and the way he's move at how he ended up i was thinking like in the trailer didn't really show a lot of ask and i was like i wonder jackie chan can actually still do this is this going to be a little sad is this going to be a little slow vest right alone and expend the bulls right and and it's not it's now and sought so they'll go there expected rumble in the bronx or fright legend in dronka disaster as do now but it's it's rich read the very competently done matt damon bourne identity asked the combat so i mean there there is no world in which matt damon could ever e even if he was twenty and jackie chan was seventy the jackie chan jackie chan would still to this day stop all over him oh yeah i mean i'm wondering how old jackie chan would get before you'd have to sri lay even odds on because madam more year has ayman's nurturing chicken at this point in its legs.

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