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But my guess is they're plan is get to any him and then go to the bullpen and that I think just exposes their vulnerability. There's not a Dodgers fan on the planet wants to see Pedro Baez in close. Keep That's a great point. Keep large donors for talking judges and raise World Series Game six. Tonight the Dodgers Khun Win it. By the way, Gonsouland 41 29 pitches in his last two starts. Obviously a lot of discussion about Clayton Kershaw postseason foreign 15 starts to 93. A lot of people are wondering that if it did get to 1/7 game would he be used the late in that type of game? What do you think of that? And what? What do you think of his performance so far in the playoffs? Obviously, he is Is always under the spotlight. Yeah, he is. And it's not fair. I brought up this point on ESPN radio. His postseason. Er Ira is lower than those of CCS of at the end, Zach right, keep we don't talk about those guys somehow underperforming in the postseason. Or whatever. Even Kershaw has just gotten this tag and I don't think it's really fair. I think he's pitched perfectly fine in the postseason hasn't been regular season Clayton Kershaw on the postseason. That's what the postseason you tendencies a lot better opponents. That could be a big part of it. Also, I think they Roberts is a history of pushing Kershaw a little too far later in games. I think Don Mattingly did, too, And that's why I credited Roberts the other night for pulling Kershaw when he did. Because I think there's a recognition note. This isn't the Clayton Kershaw of Old. I need to be more judicious with how I used him. Not have him go through that line up all the way the third time and that leads me to think what probably wouldn't see him in a Game seven unless it was pretty dire. Because again, Kirsten he's just older. Now is there's a lot of mileage on the Army throw as hard as he used to into, expecting him to come in and face potentially faced three batters and be dominant out of the bullpen. That might have been true for five years ago. But I just wouldn't bank on it at this point, and as much as the Dodgers bullpen is, is weakened, he would still be Further down the queue for me if I were their manager Keith. What? What have you just thought of the overall playoffs? The expanded format and you know, once we go back to Normal life and who knows if it will be in 2021, or if it will be in 2022. We could actually have fans in the stands. Scott borrows. The super agent is proposing kind of a neutral site world. Siri's, I guess is what he's proposing, like they have in the NFL, which is the Super Bowl, but It was just one game. Do you ever see baseball going to that, and I want thing I do like about this year. Is the fact that they're playing like the regular season. They're not playing two games traveling, playing to travel and you know the championship Series with seven consecutive days, and that's the way the regular season. Has laid out but do you like what What Scott proposed. Which would be, I guess a neutral site World Series where you would play every single day with no off days. I don't Although I understand why he proposes it. I think there's good business sense behind what dining what he's proposing. You make it more of an event. You could plan more things ahead of time. You know where he'll be pretty much know what the schedule is going to be. Obviously, they could give some preferential treatment Tio stadiums with with domes or with roofs that so whether it's no longer a factor so you could make it a bit more of a spectacle. Actually, the biggest thing I dislike about it and just like about the compressed schedule we had this year while fully acknowledging this is kind of what they have to do, you're going to get more bullpen games. If you do that. One of the advantages of having extra days off in the postseason is the teams can roll in. With three short Siri's three starters in the name serious four starters that's always eat most playoff team specially deeper into the playoffs can couple together for starters. I don't see an occasional bullpen game. I don't really like the bullpen games, just speaking as a fan, not thinking about whether it's the right strategy, But just from a perspective of watching the game is a man sitting here with my partner, my daughter who like baseball, but not maybe at the level that I like baseball, But still they're they're a little distracted. They're a little confused by how why are there so many pitching changes? To me. It's I hate sound like a purist. It doesn't feel right. Don't look right. They think it tends to slow the game down in a way that that is not an advantageous. It's not pulling more viewers. It's not create more fans the traditional schedule with the days off I think gives us a little better pace of game and we will see far fewer of these bullpen games. If we return to that future Keith Gray stuff. I did want to mention to that. On this week's episode, you had Taylor tram on and I did read the piece and players. Tribune. Baseball is not black enough. The key Flachau the podcast and really enjoy it. It's a great piece. It's a great party. Thanks for having a monitor. I thought it was great group in the South. It's just a great piece. He was really great, and he was so good. I've been trying to get him trying to work out with his schedule. He's playing and he was still in instructs and we recorded a little early, accommodate his schedule. He was so good. He was exactly what I was hoping we need people like him. Black players, especially who've seen some of this coming up. We need their voices out there, so everyone understands the challenges that they face. Check it out. It's you go to your Twitter page at Keith on. You've got all the You know your apple in all the different one Spotify, but it's a great episode. You should take a listen to it. It's a great piece in the players to be in people should take a look at that as well. Thanks is always Keith. Great Insight. We appreciate it. I'll talk to you soon. My pleasure guys, Keith Law, but he's a good man. Mama Moo keys, the only African American in the World Series this year. It's amazing. It's really player, but it's It's amazing. Yeah, it really is. Check it out. Taylor Trammel grew up in these. It was a top prospect traded from the Padres this year, but she talked about growing up in the South. And obviously race and not enough black players in the game and how still hears the N word in the outfield and you know how tough it was for his dad to their outlook, said they're all from south. It's a good piece. You should re didn't check out the podcast. All right..

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