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To good water quality right access to just live livable environment we haven't built those things out because we're so busy subsidizing corporations that have just offshore automated our job going to be like california if i just talked to someone yesterday who says fifty thousand dollars a year salary california means you're homeless well look i want michigan to be the best machine it'd be if we could borrow some california's weather i think we'd be doing great weather's great but i'll tell you this right what we have to be able to do is compete for the best talent young people i mean grow our talent that we have we have incredibly smart people were just not investing them because our school systems been cutting cutting cutting speaking of that i have to ask you the skillman foundation says the detroit public schools have been designed to deliver poor outcomes for kids of color agree or disagree say agree i personally inspected those schools when i was health commissioner in the city of detroit i saw a mouse dead in the corner of a classroom but that wouldn't happen in a lot of classrooms and the fact is whether you're in a low income urban community or low income rural community those challenges remain the same but we've got a responsibility to build schools that empower and dignify our young people we're not doing that that costs money and right now all i'm saying is we've got to stand up to the corporations who've bought and sold too many politicians and say it's time you pay your fair share we're not gonna keep subsidizing you to offshore automate our jobs and we've got to be able to use that money to invest in the things that ultimately a growing economy that is people through education and that is places through infrastructure we can do it in michigan we've just got to stop playing this game where the corporations get to tell us that the only thing that matters is their tax rate and meanwhile we haven't seen the labor participation grow no real new jobs and real wages have fallen the amount of money that those jobs pay you has gone down fact is it's not working and we've got to rethink that system we've got the opportunity to do that we need new leadership.

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