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It's gonna be special all three hours worth all special. It's gonna be great Good see chris brockman over there. I'm great mike del tufo. Rich and tj jefferson. Come on down good. How are you good to see you. All right So the nba finals is over. Congratulations wait a minute. I'm being told they're still two games left to go. Look we were talking about the suns having a feel of inevitability going into the series going into game one going into game two after game one. Jeff van gundy calling the action on tv for espn john. Barry calling action on radio free. Espn both back to back. Last two days prior to this july ninth show july show nine. Twenty twenty one A couple of times. I got to stop and say you know. It's it's we're talking as if it is inevitable and Dating deny that it sounded that way. And hey you know they're still series. And and if i told you that jaanus tenneco would Perform as he performed last night He would have Forty two points. Twelve rebounds Shooting eleven of eighteen from the line. Which for him is you know. Sixty one percent. That's pretty damn good for him. throwing four cysts to steal three blocks and Also Score twenty points in the third quarter which we haven't seen since jordan. Did something like that in twenty five years and so If you said that like okay. We're we're going back to milwaukee tied at one apiece. Problem is problem is in. This is the ultimate conundrum for the box. The ultimate conundrum for the bucks problem is is. You've got a problem when the opposing team says will your mvp try and beat us. You know they also basically like we can't. We can't stop them. I mean the first points of the game was going coast to coast jam. It down. amazing. I mean he is truly amazing but but but if if you're like can't give him the ball and crunch time because he's going to go to the free throw line shoot sixty one percent which van gundy's like look not every game comes down to a low of one possession or something. Usually it does though when it comes down to a playoff game. And he's tremendous. He's terrific but he just had that game last night and it felt like empty calories and i think the bigger problem for the bucks is they don't know on a daily basis which khris middleton is showing up and drew holiday with scared to shoot the ball last night. How about twelve thirty seven combined shooting for both of them five or sixteen for middleton and twenty one for jrue holiday so janas does what he does and it's like the sun's are like okay We'll we'll let your we'll let you normally it's like we will not let the mvp beat us and we'll let everybody else. Try and beat us. And i guess the the mvp try to beat him and the everybody else you know. Couldn't beat them. But jonah has to score sixty if those guys looks like. That's that's what i'm saying is down. Seat comes up with that stuff he did. You know the bucks. Jaanus was the only buck positive and the plus minus ratio last night. Three everybody else was minus meaning. When they're on the floor they're they're losing and sons are just they just even when they're deep even even when you're you feel like you're going to maybe catch them. They make the plays. There was a a point last night. Four minutes to go and it was a six point game and the sun's miss rebound sons. Miss rebound sons. Get a three pointer and then that was it but that was the former hours right. After this could be contin had an open three that would have cut it to a three point game. He missed then on the other end. You mentioned three offensive rebounds. Chris paul it's a corner three bucks come down. Miss bridges puts in a layup. And now it's eleven. It could have been three now. It's eleven and that's harasser. They make all the plays when they need to their deep bridges. You just mentioned him. Career playoff high twenty seven. He's just the it. This is also. I feels inevitable. Because they're peaking you could see. They are peaking chris. Paul has been peaking for a damn month. Even even with kovin even fights off kovin. He's been peaking for a month. Booker's peaking for what a year and a half the andrea eytan has been peaking and both cameron's are peaking and and then monty williams. This caught my ear. And i last night. 'cause we we we heard about how how he is Coach of the year material. And even though. Tom thibodeau won the award from what from from the writers right from his peers. Though i think monty williams won the award and he just brings it. The it is just a com- smooth ocean. There are no waves just a destination. That's what you want. that's what you need. You need that com sense of strong stewardship. That's what he brings. That's what he always seems to bring. This was last night. John rayton is got his head down. He's got his head down on the huddle. Did you see this. Chris dead okay. It's aas wired for sound so for those you know we're gonna play it Right here on peacock. So i'll describe it even for those who are watching us on our daily stream after the dan. Patrick show before brother from another that. de'andre got his head down and monte williams's coaching him specifically in.

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