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A set the key card learn more at isaf the phillycomkey here's ed bankin li army navy game returns to philadelphia this afternoon the one hundred day deed that issue the rivalry will kick off at three the winner also captured the prestigious commander in chief strove something army quarterback i'm odd bradshaw says on the mind of the black nights soast talked about making it not a good season what a great season n in order to do that i will have to you know obviously and victorious and get their trophy back here army comes into the game of the record of eight in three while navy is 605 coming up tonight in college football heisman trophy winner will be presented to new york city meanwhile there is also sad news and college football delaware continues to more the loss of former coach tubby raymond longtime coach to the blue hands died yesterday the age of ninety two raymond one three hundred games and three national championships at delaware pretty into pro football with eagles continued to get ready for the rams tomorrow afternoon the game will feature a match up the top two draft picks of two thousand sixteen and coach doug peterson says carson wentz versus jared gaffe should be exciting tomorrow picks wanted to who in the nfl draft a year ago and in both guys ron on on good football teams do so that makes it exciting for the league makes exciting for the fans and and and and hopefully down the down the road there's going to be there's gonna be many more these matchups zach currents remains questionable z continues to recover from a concussion this seventy six years are back in action tonight davidenko five tipoff against the cavaliers in cleveland yaalom be will not plays it's the first backtoback games with the contest in war set for tomorrow night in college basketball delay temple in saint joseph's will get together for big five battle in philadelphia the hawks or foreign four the al's five and to today's getting can be heard on twelve ten wpht and ninety point one w g l also in college basketball pen place of dayton at three and potentially big news from baseball reports say the marlins have agreed to a deal to trade slugger gene.

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