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Battle when they retreat is shooting them in the back because they're not as humid you don't see them so there's all this amazing stuff and that and that basically after the army discovered this they instead of taking some cosmic moment of wars wrong they were like well how can we change training indoctrinating techniques to get people to shoot to kill better and they got the number from twenty percent intention to killick shooters to people from twenty and we'll or two to like fifty five and the korea and ninety percent in vietnam and that's when you really saw like actual ptsd starting to manifest in enormous numbers like simple things like instead of learning shoot on gun range with a bullseye chilling out you did it in full battle dress in little trenches at silhouettes of people yes so you just got used to this until it's would drop when you hit them so you just get used to like drop not anything about about not even thinking about it it just it's targeted yeah fucking destroys people when you take a human life except for two percent of the population which correlates to they said aggressive psychopathic personalities which sounds scary than it is it just means people who aren't bothered by the taking of life right like and some of those people aren't even dangerous like they have a lust to kill a serial killer they areas yes so they'll go do it in war or they'll do it 'cause they're cop or whatever but it never manifestos danger at home it's just this ser the books fascinating an enormous and well i recommend it anybody but the lot of those things i feel like in this movie i remember having a weird freak out when i was younger and going to the army office and doing the tests and like i was getting signed up to go to do the hotel stuff and i had the same i i think there's a reason like young men are the ones they recruit when you're eighteen nineteen like you those ideas of like are so easy to buy into about liberty involved walk is i really thought about it and i thought about it honestly like years later and thinking about thirty two now i was like i think i just want to kill someone and not in like.

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