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Unsettling insight into show goes disturbed nature quote in the peaceful night of matsumoto city people can be killed even with our own hands the places full of dead bodies everywhere they're inhale seren prepare seren prepare seren immediately poisonous gas will fill the place spray spray seren braves seren and quote these lyrics were found on a pamphlet during a police raid later that year and 1994 they were the only piece of evidence they're connected omb shinri kyo to the matsumoto attack since shukla had cleverly disguised the sarah production facilities as temples of worship which discourage further investigation despite the fact that the song lyrics were practically a written confession that aum shinrikyo was behind the matsumoto attack police didn't feel like they had enough evidence to arrest the leaders of aum shinrikyo nevertheless the police raid made shoko nervous cornered and afraid shoko struck back shoko ordered masami to produce batches of weaponized vx nerve gas in december of 1994 shoko sent tomomitsu niimi and another member to kill totti he till hamaguchi who shoko suspected of spying on the cult tadahito fell into a deep coma before dying ten days later in january of 1995 shinri kyo is assassins tried to kill the nemesis hiroyuki and sprayed him with the same vx gas here ueki only survived because his shirt colour blocked most of the spray but to this day he has permanent numbness on his right side and requires an oxygen to debrief taro takimoto the lawyer working with hariyuki and his son attended to alert the police about the attack the japanese police brushed off the incident as here ueki attempting suicide with pesticide and refuse to investigate further meanwhile aum shinrikyo took advantage of the fact that the police were not aware that the.

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