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I know you've you've tussled with guy about driver kick us brew. I mean you could take him will surely someone who can take worthy mary. Sue's we get like superheroes we probably do it. We've got take him sitting here last. Yeah we could probably be to the left sock over all right. So what do you think. Do you think would win. Then or a because it's like intell- intelligence isn't it. It's like i am an intelligence would probably beat guy because he's just a kid isn't he. Yeah power p like the costume. I mean if i'm on had the guy the costume that would be. I mean tony. Stark had the guy for coffee. Nabi pre copa. Like i think of that vehicle yeah. Yeah buffa- i do think tiny know. I'm going to give us the ironman based on what i know of in the comics and i know there's a lot of people that is going to be furious at the fact i've said that fought if he actually i think a lot of people don't know guy might not know just how good or just how powerful can actually be in the comics. He's got like good. The like i'm full. Gods stuff latkes knows what he's doing. He's got experience. He's got experience on his side as well. So louis Finishes off its am with diver and it depends on which connie star and went so like obviously like tony. Stock would literally turning them into chunks of meat before yours. What hate him. But then you've got anything pause. Mark anything before mark. Free of god's selling destroy if it was movie ironman guy food every time. Comic book ironman is over top. He's fault literal gods. And he's he's he's done the alien tech thing as well so you can say. Divers tech is like superior. He's done alien tech. He's made even even created a venoms. Imbue the tech the knees everyday like he's spiderman spider sense what he gave spiderman and you suit and the tech and made it so he had a spider sets so that you had ironman suit the had captain america's ability to fight spider sense invulnerability faster than like mock seven hundred speed. It's ridiculous it was literally ridiculous. So.

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