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Trump immigration i'm tim mcguire within ap newsmen its sources say president trump during a meeting with senators on immigration compromise plan used a derogatory term about certain nations if he's mike rossi of reports while rejecting a plan that would have chains rules affecting entrance from africa and haiti trump asked why the us should permit immigrants from blank whole countries according to three people briefed on the conversation the white house doesn't deny the comment ahead of the congressional black caucus louisiana congressman cedric richmond says remark reinforces quote the president's slogan make america great again israeli code for make america wide again the irs is out with a new income tax withholding table to conform to tax overhaul treasury secretary steve mnuchin says taxpayers will soon be able to go to the irs website to check out a withholding calculate us will help provide individual israel's with certainty said that they are neither over withheld were under withheld income plan their financial decisions individual tax players aren't required to make any changes to their w fours right now i've tim mcguire he was attacked by a bear and is still run to talk about it and has the scarred approve it andrew moon yard lives in naples florida tells wink tv he was leading his dog out when the pair came face to face care outside of right right there and i tried to run and wasn't fast enough he says it all happened so fast dandan id thought he might have escaped injury cuts are anything but it wasn't until i got back inside look down on my hand and saw blood all over in yard ended up with forty one stitches for a cut that starts at the top of his head and goes down to his cheek narrowly missing is i am despite the gruesome looking injury he says he knows he's lucky to be telling his tail i'm really just happy to be alive it could have been totally different story it might come with some consolation to moonavar that is one in with the bear is a historic one the palm beach post reports it makes the firstever bear attack in south florida the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission says it searching the.

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