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I'm rob borsch got all brew crew is a steamroll the dodgers and Milwaukee. Great Bob euchre voice of the brewers seventy two and this one in general, you was chased after three innings of work in the brewers came up with eleven knock say did the most damage on the offensive side. So we will have a game seven from Milwaukee show seen against bueller. And the first pitch comes your way at five thirty eastern time on Saturday while we bounce the association timber wolves saw one hundred thirty one points at home and they get a victory over the Cavs. And we're now oh into however, Jimmy Butler, the story he heard it both positively and negatively yet went out there and did his thing. Mall is gonna play. That's my talent. I'm not the best shooter by the best ball. Handler. This. Are you can cover up a lot? You do your tired. I will tell you that. But all in all. Got a chance to win especially when he scores thirty three points, seven rebounds, and three assists all says, it T wolves now one and one other winners include the grizzlies who also threw up about thirty one. The raptors beat the Celtics nets over the Knicks and the battle for the apple it's the Hornets. They do a number on the magic beat them by thirty two in Orlando Steph curry and company dipping in at the buzzer. As the warriors win at Utah on twenty four to one twenty three in the clippers take the thunder to oh. And to Russell Westbrook. He sat this one out in the frozen floor. The Panthers wild and predators. All pick up winds on the road the NFL to Cleveland Browns. They shipped to the Jaguars running back Carlos Hyde. It's NBC sports radio. NBC sports radio weekend days. Lancero win the worst lease. Lifted the roof off.

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