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Wwe in major music festival. Ww superstars will compete in matches. Live from the same stage as travis. Scott oh postie malone a sap rocky and others to ands between collab- respect ariel. Not a bad tweet. They're out of the man who has seven homes and gave us a great interview yesterday for parts moments. Were great right. Everything else was terrible. I don't know what that means. I have no idea what that means. But i'm pumped about it your elaborate with postie. Probably he'll probably call match with. We're tossing the mike postie bid. Wwe fan. i think he is performed at a pay per view or two. I think he has done Beer i think he's stone cold it a few times in post malone those the biz a sap rock i think ricky roster if ross is we need we listen post. Hey great songs love you. Great songs it's recipe. It's postponed recipe. You change the game forever with yourself. Same song ever saw sounds good tastes good and love it every single time a sap rocky travis scott. Hey huge i understand big is rick. Ross performing a fucking role enroll. Is there on friday so smack there. Are you kidding me. I was some ric. Flair is going to be down there right. Because i think rick ross ric flair potential have had previous ommunist could get awesome posible malone's in the ring and he's like about pins and all of a sudden jerry jones's music starts by their rain in tickets. Yeah they're raining. Tickets like seatgeek. Shane role in lies. He's role in live. That's not a gas mask. Jerry's gotta sha kerry richard's gas. Yes golf cart driving man as what if it's against boobs though. Aw jerry jones super take on now.

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