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25 steel that's 8 7 7 two 5 7 8 three three 5 8 7 7 25 steel. The Pentagon Monday denied a District of Columbia request for National Guard help in managing migrants arriving by bus from Texas and Arizona. The Defense Department said deploying National Guard troops would disrupt military training. Texas and Arizona have bust thousands of asylum seekers to Washington at New York City to protest the Biden administration's border policies. A teacher strike in Columbus, Ohio means kids may start the school year with remote learning. Teachers picketed outside of 20 schools of the city, Monday after the Columbus education association rejected a board of education contract offer, the strike means no extracurricular or sports activities since 60% of Columbus school district coaches are also teachers. Finland's prime minister is testing now negative for a drug test that she was pressured to take after a video of her partying started circulating online. ABC's in and still a katerra has more from the foreign desk. Finish prime minister Santa Marin testing negative in a drug test she took after a leaked video showed her dancing at a private party with friends and finished celebrities. Marin, who became the world's youngest serving government leader in December 2019, said she was upset that the videos were published online, and that her ability to perform her official duties had remained unimpaired. In as delicate ABC News at the foreign desk. On Wall Street, the Dow lost 643 points today. This is ABC News. And this is northwest news radio 1000 FM 97 7. We checked your traffic every ten minutes on the fours. Natalie Melendez has the latest on our roads in the dubin law group traffic center. Heavy slowdowns I'm seeing on west von 5 30 in snohomish

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