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Now forty two degrees in Seattle investigators need help finding the person who shot another driver on southbound I. five and can't drive shop the lower back last night and is expected to be okay the trooper Rick Johnson with the state patrol says this is the fourth time this week we've seen incident where a driver flasher fired a gun at another driver we don't have a reason why this is happening or or the spike in the last couple weeks we want people to be attentive and older save the driver last night's incident stopped at a convenience store to get help after that shooting in another incident earlier this week a man was found and arrested that suspect driver will face charges for reckless driving and brandishing a weapon he will most likely also face more charges deputies in Snohomish county arrested a man they say stole a car led them on a chase started in granite falls in ended after the fleeing driver hit five vehicles in Everett near the home depot on highway ninety nine no one was hurt deputies say the driver tried to run away but they were able to chase him down and arrest him Seattle police plan to continue emphasis patrols in neighborhoods that saw an uptick in violence in two thousand nineteen chief Carmen best in a press conference today said two thousand nineteen brought a six percent increase in shootings with eighteen fatal incidents in seventy nine non fatal shooting officers in the places where we know that we have the best chance of deterring further violence and the community many members that we have for today they play a large part in an important.

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