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You're no on both guys. Yeah so that's. I was trying a when i when i made that deal. I was certainly trying to avoid these top prospects so if it was if it was an i thought the value is the goal always of course but but there still value there. I think in the guys that i was giving up a lot of value. Actually i'd say better major league value to be honest for two years at easily that the you think it could be realistic for miguel har- and deming armand for sonny grade. You think the reds would do that. I would mean that they're trying to win right now or they're just trying to stay mediocre. Which with the reds have gone for a long time. Yeah that's exactly. They're not trying to win with those pieces. They're trying to get again. I i'd yes. So i think that that's possible right. They're like. I don't even know if if a david garcia or cart schmidt like what are the reds plans. Are they ever gonna spend money so it does it really matter or are they just trying to stay mediocre in that in that area to get some fans keep a little bit of hope edges string them a less so then because then his money then yeah then the deal of npr and Her mind would be. I think an appropriate offer there. But now you're looking at dimicco harmon. Major league ready talent. I nobody likes him. I get that bad guy. Just talking about baseball here could domingue hormone mirror a season of what you do in the bronx very possibly when i was when i did the recent episode with andy. Martino we talked about Teams that we kind of talked about that mailbag question that we did about Which teams get the most bang for their buck on spending yes are wise and heave said the teams that win the world series. Don't get their the most return on. Investment is the teams that just make the playoffs. That gets you the most return on investment because that keeps fans engaged year after year. You get high ratings through september you get playoff shares. You get playoff attention. You get playoff match all that kind of stuff so the reds from an owner perspective yeah. Winning a world series would be great and all but they're not going to spend to do it so i'm just gonna spend enough to be competitive in september and make the playoffs every four or five years to keep fans engaged so that's might be their goal and they're not doing that he says why they're not gonna sign. Which is why they're not gonna sign. Trevor but they just made the playoffs lushes. I know but it wasn't for years before that. Saying the gaps. Been longer so. Yeah if that's the new plan then okay. Let's let's let's see what that happens. But they added talent they they added they added contracts and then they dumped them. They're weird if you look at can't be in the mid. I don't know what they do. The middle of the way that they operate their baseball operations is a is is very strange for me But look at the end of the day. I don't even wanna talk about this anymore. I'm sick of talking about sunday at the you said you want the day. I want him back. I don't want him back. i'm saying i would. If he came back i wouldn't hate it. Wouldn't hit it. i wouldn't hate it. You six of a bitch. The last rumor. That i've seen zack wheeler and i guess the the phillies are potentially interested in dumping some payroll. So he signed a five year. One hundred eighteen million dollar contract last offseason. He was pretty good in two thousand. Nine hundred seventy one innings. Two point nine to yarra three point two v. I'd say that's very not. But he didn't strike out a lot of batters three strikeouts in seventy one innings so less than a strikeouts per inning. I starting pitcher. That's less concerning than for a reliever because you can live with ground balls and stuff like that but others others have said mainly the nerd community of said that that was a flu. His seventy one innings are fluke and if you if he had pitched a normal season one hundred eighty five innings his era. And we're going to start inflating because he doesn't strike out enough batters because that's all teams. What now strikeout guys. Well i don't necessarily agree with that. I think grandma pitchers can certainly live in the launch launch angle era. You keep the ball on the ground. You're going to limit damage today. Because no one strings together hits them. You're also you're also gonna get through games you're gonna innings if you get your ground ball guy all day long now. Is that worth twenty. Four million dollars a year. I don't know well. I also think he's got he's shown more Strikeout ability as well. So i think he's got. I think there's some some different things happening there. Look first of all. I i've also seen the phillies ownership completely rebuffed. That and say it's none of that is true so who knows what to believe on that on that front. 'cause they were also flooding that. Oh now we're gonna trade. Bryce harper who signed a forty year contract doesn't even know no no a no trade clause get control. You wanted to buy a yankee fan. He's a yankee fan. So right he would wave giancarlo stanton for hold on. Is it giancarlo stanton for bryce harper's that the straight up haven't heard that was straight up as if as if as if the phillies are that stupid. They are less years contract. They'll get out from underneath it much faster. Better deal for them less years. But you know the guy doesn't play so don't tell them that and so. The article was written by joe. Joe giglio who was on our podcast when we previewed the phillies so i wanted to mention it but his proposal in the article was aaron. Hicks and michael. King zack wheeler. Does he know how much. Brian cashman love. Aaron has he know that that would not make the deal. Why would that deal happen..

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