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Zayn goes and phoebe the little the little sister She's playing tea or something and he comes up and you know he's coming and then the scene goes to something else and then they're like guys guys like well. I want come see my new friend and it was Frankenstein holding her holding her finger. I and that is taken from the movie. which was redone in young Frankenstein? All seen that big creature is accepted by a young child now in the original. I think he throws her in the water. If I recall it doesn't then well new rich but that whole thing about she doesn't doesn't seem as a bad guy and I mean this movie. He actually isn't She teaches them how to talk. Bogus stuff like that. uh-huh and zoom up to date on more modern vernacular and he. He plays a big part of the end on what happens at the end. Couple of funny parts. The guy comes comes into the police station and says put me the cage. Put me the credit mature into a wall but of course a little while later. He's he's in the back of a van and then he turns into the wolf and he kills people. The mummy is one scene where he jumps up on the truck. The kids are trying to get away and the the one the middle school guy had bone marrow and he took a part of the mummies strap from the money and then shot the tree then all of a sudden around then all of a sudden mummies so there's stuff like that and one of the famous lines that sticks with me that I knew even before watches again. Is there in there in the House and the wolf names there and and Horace who is nicknamed Fat Kid They tell him kick him kick him or accounts. So he he kicks the Wolfman and then he goes Wolfman has Nord's so it's a the quote that I remember when a couple Trivia points. Mary Ellen trainor. She is the mother of the lead of the brother and sister. That are in this out. She was also the mother of the lead siblings of the children that were in goonies nineteen eighty five Now there's been a controversy. The film is said to be blunted. Rip Off of the more well known Own Kid horror adventure. which about kid horror of after the goonies nineteen thought it really isn't there's no I don't see them? And then lastly Liam Niessen was considered for the role Dracula a role he would later go on to play in. And the Mel Brooks Film Dracula dead and loving it. So that's all I have this one now. This one is There is a bad good news. Here budget was twelve million. It only made three million eight hundred thousand dollars lost but it's one of those cult things because I see it every time you know. Halloween comes around and it's at this time of year this movies on and People Watch it. Yeah and the the one good thing if if they can still sell. DVD's a long time after that was made when you're in a seasonal thing there's only so many seasonal ones like the Christmas story although they a lot of regenerate but the classic Christmas ones. You've seen one hundred times. You watch him every year he don't care it's just part of what you do you and it's Kinda that Thanksgiving or Halloween. You would look around and say what can we watch this consistent with the holiday and you don't see it until next next year but you do it. Then you have more family members in and GRANDPA's starts getting into it with the grandkids and pretty soon. It's everybody watches it. I grew up. I didn't grow up up but it had a niece. That when we when we visit we had to watch the grinch who stole Christmas which I liked anyway but that became a traditional thing whenever we had gift exchange before we did the gift exchange. We'd watch a couple of either those shorts or a particular movie like the Santa Claus or something like that so that became aim their family tradition. So yeah that's I mean. Take a look at that one though. It sounds kind of interesting. Yeah I mean you know you'd think all you got at these Dracula Frankenstein with metal that stuff. They're not campy so it's not a campy movie. The comedy in it but I would Actually recommend so well again. Here's another you could call this sci fi but this falls under that because there's an influence here from outer space but the theme because this film was made in one thousand nine hundred fifty six. Yeah we're going back a ways. The overtone here is because does the Cold War was going on a lot of suspicion about mind control or being controlled Overrun and so on. And this film directed directed by Don Siegel and starring Kevin McCarthy Dana winner and a host of other character actors. Who you'll be quite familiar with if you watch the film again? It's black and white but this thing when I first saw it as a kid made a big impression I love to watch it. It's still scary. It's still something into a source of conversation. I'm talking about invasion of the body snatchers. This is the original not the remake by Philip Kaufman in nineteen eighteen. Seventy eight which takes place. It's in color. That's in color and takes place in San Francisco now not near as scary not his Concerning and this works again because black and white makes this just so frantic anyway. The story is for not familiar. The mayor with Santa Mira California Miles Bennett Dr Miles bandits baffled when all of his patients come to him with the same complaint one of their loved one and seems to have been replaced by emotional imposter they have no emotion nothing startled they. Don't care about anything. And despite others just denials and dismissing denials. He and his former girlfriend played by Dana. Wynter and his friend Jack Play by a Gab. Name of King Donovan. Soon discovered that the patient suspicions are true and and alien species of human duplicates grown from plant like pods is taking over the small town and the great fear. Is You have to stay awake because then they become horrified that this isn't a random thing. Those people that were taken over are actually raising seizing. These seedpods in field and distributing around. So when you're they go to sleep they place one near under your bed you become one of them Who when you when you think about the films that have followed like the Stepford wives and some of these things this set the tone? And he's he he of course becomes aware of this is trying to get the authorities to believe him. Well the only he has to get out of town but they're trying to get him and he and his girlfriend are trying to escape but you're getting hired. Can they stay awake long enough to get out. It's a chilling thing and when they see what's happening they see these replicans people the look like them. That are coming out of these pod odd. It scared this will give you nightmares. Eighty eight it still resonates with me. I remembered I can see the scenes and I I watched it several years apart from the first time and whenever I see it or able to catch it on late show it is still a scary film. The reason that Don Siegel if that name rings any bells became a pretty good director some significant films in the one. That's most significant. As I told you couple of episodes ago I'd read. The biography was reading a biography of by Mark Elliott of of Clint Eastwood Don Siegel Legal Directed Dirty Harry and one of the other subsequent sudden impact one of the other ones. But it's Don Siegel's direction style while that influenced Clint Eastwood the most less dialogue more action shooting not long takes although Segal took more takes than clint clinched. One of those guys that they can be explained. I see it as good enough God. Let's move on. I'm playing golf at two o'clock get out of here that type of thing and if you watch Clint Eastwood Movies he actually knows what he's doing because if he does it that way he gets it he gets the actors he has respect for the actors. It didn't WanNa waste their time or their performance. But anyway that's a little sidebar. There is he's credited by Eastwood is having significant impact on his film career. There it is very much of the body. snatchers nineteen fifty six. So my next and last movie that I have is is one of those movies we do watch. Every year it is called Hocus pocus. Eighteen ninety three Bette midler Bette. Midler Bette Midler Sarah Jessica Parker Caffeine. Jimmy this is directed by Kenny Tak- who any kids that are listening. No he directed the high school musical movies. And the Cheetah girls who basically the Disney a lot of the Disney movies that had the songs and Dancing and all right just so so bette midler sir. Just Parker Caffeine. Jimmy Play Winfred. Sarah era and Mary Sanderson's three hundred years have passed since the Sanderson sisters were executed for practicing dark witchcraft returning to life. Thanks to a combination of a spell broken before their demise and the exit dental actions of Max. The new kid in town the sisters I have a one night to secure their continuing existence. So this is this is a pretty funny one. No this is actually I. Bette midler has said that this is her favorite role that she's ever played there. had been reeler's there'd been rumors of maybe second one. I don't know if they've completely well. They may come back currently at Disneyworld on certain nights they have what they call Mickey's not so scary. Halloween party which I have attended recently and one of their big stage shows at the end of the night. It's right in front of the castle. There's a stage and it has the Hocus pocus. It has these three sisters and people love it so so you know the demand and all that kind of stuff they actually make a second one. I'm not one hundred percent sure So there's a lot of cool scenes in this. She raises the guy from the dead. So there's a Zombie that's chasing number then ends up turning into a friend. There's the trick or treat that scene where the the three which is come in go on the street and the kids are running back and forth in their costumes and I like world. What's going on and they realize it's it's kids? Mary Sanderson has this Mac. She can smell kids when they're coming smell so it's pretty funny. A couple of the Trivia. I have the role of Max Dennison. WHO's the main character in the film that was originally offered to Leonardo the Capri April back when he was young when he turned it down to appear in? What's eating Gilbert grape? which turned out to be a pretty good decision? Actually they lost money so I don't know critically was good for his career critical reviews on it and Jennifer Lopez allegedly addition for the role. That Sarah Jessica Parker plays stuff. That was interesting There's a lot of lines in the movie that actually are similar to lines. That bette Midler had done in in movies but one one thing I thought was really in the film. There's Mary he says to. To Builders Character Winfred Thou art divine and Bette Midler is known for her nickname. The divine with 'em I am so there's a lot of call outs for that Also seen where Gary Marshall and Penny Marshall are they're playing husband and wife life during the trick or treat because Garry Marshall's dressed up as Satan so they come.

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