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It all twenty twenty in singles competition and it was against Tucker so. He was a loser going into it. I mean literally he was, he was a loser, going into the match and drew was the better man so I can't in any way say. The dull came out of this looking worse, but I absolutely positively can say. The Nikki Cross came out of this looking way worse. Alexa Bliss sister don't even get me started on his snow. She's not sister Abigail Jeez geeks in this one. Might Guy calm down everybody well Michael on a second go ahead. Okay, so why was Alexa there was she drugged? Brian. She was look. Don't s I gotta here. Don't ask me why the only place that they have. Storyline continuity is in the mind of Bray Wyatt in his booking but. It was a figment of her education. This was like the John a match where all of this stuff was playing with his mind. It was bray messing with Braun and that's why he fought I. Know that that's like he Michael. person the fire that's why he used Alexa as a muse to make bray or to make Braun strowman walk into a precarious situation because he was playing with his mind from well little big in the tell. US I know that, but they build this says a professional wrestling match, and you're telling me that. Raises his mind you now you're to revert to. They built this as a professional wrestling match. Well, a swamp fight is a pro wrestling match, and somehow I saw inside Bronx Romans brain in the middle of a match what? Ryan. That's ridiculous. This whole thing sucked. Brian! Mike explain how I read his mind. I am not going to battle with you on this. I thought it. We were looking at this as if it was.

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