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He's food he's not screaming about now he wasn't he wasn't long. You could you off so that that's kind of news. And he works a smaller. Do you could tell he where they got him. Working with some i should. I've been to the gym man this. I've been bargaining with some pros and amateurs and if he come like that people months anybody we need a fight right here. Look and swan echoes. Go i got. I got a fifty four pound. Anita fight from wisconsin got nobody burlington my brother he had backout there and made. Sds promotions look bad. He got out keys. Yeah bow but you know. It is the d. that crow. Which i say. I'm sure so. You studied to tate now. Now that you've got some shifts humana. Oh yeah yeah yeah. I'm about the budget clip. That real quick Should they just don nail opponent ahead throwing them wide as hosts man. that's why the down a pipe man shit stuck with a. I'm lucky brand brandon rail there becky lucky the fight of the night. But oh yeah. So brandon sold joe as his voice. You ain't never seen now brandon. Big boy arrays work gay. You just not have record in the way. Go ahead and shut out the discord real quick. Go ahead and course with not bag man. That's so like what is as that's see in like does man he he. He'd be fifty five. V aren't keeping a real past him and makes it look easy. That's dangerous mary. But first of all i'm telling you right now. Don't he ain't gonna look even if he win easy. 'cause he grabbed tumor ellerslie rosena. Jim jim my coach. No knows rails. Coach rosen is jim. Jim brough was real real in the gym. When he fought mauve he went to fucking new mexico. Brian was he took his cam. New mexico i is about skill is about skill and putting together man. That's all i'm saying. Served third shot at the heavyweight debate. And i wanna see. I wanna see a fucking champ get crown man. That's what i wanna see. I wanna see some. I'm gonna take over the wants. Sixty eight division. I before honestly. I took sixty eight for a reason. I you know noise may fight your whole bill. You know who's who's off. Oh the numbers brought like like one numbers instead of wasted. Nobody go look at the votes. Who got the most votes for alicia down the loose north. Saying i'm i ain't even far before and look who got the most votes. Let's just go down the list. Yeah i see elias names. Got seventy eight. See what else. Lula allston and you. You got eight eighty eight. Who else who has not even the main of being not even take him fucking The cobra bro. Like that's actually just what it is game out here whole family and they gave it today mambo. I said a word yet. How you. I don't know you.

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