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120 countries in san francisco i mean she lau this is bloomberg highrise angie thanks so much 37 past the hour here on daybreak asia global sports now pete fox is here with the latest on maria sharapova ap indeed doug back at the us open playing for the first time in fifteen months after her doping ban she got in with a qualifying tree by from the sponsors she had an opportunity to qualify for wimbledon but withdrew due to injury and the french tennis federation asian didn't even allow her to qualify tennis scores on the western southern open in cincinnati on the men's side as they get ready for the us open jared donaldson downs about teesta agate in straightsets american jack sock loses the you choose to attack nick curious downs the nine c david go fans six two six three in one martine delfo tro up ends the 10seat tomas verdict six oh in the third on the women's side the ninth seed venus williams moved on beating american allison risk in straight sets the twelve th seed jelena ostapenko loses to khrunichev in straightsets the 10seat aggie radwan scott also loses and the 2 seed simona halla group don comfortably in straightsets news from the nfl sitting all over the weekend during the national anthem raiders running back marchan lenses drawing criticism his coach jack del rio discussed the issue talk marching from michigan soon page this was gone from of endures is mounting a form of anything maybe a muslim and feel very strongly cleveland standing food spent whose man you do marshall has a nonissue for me scores from the uefa champions league qualifying cara by one nothing win onenil rather over copenhagen nicosia downs prague to nil moscow a one they'll win over the young boys and liverpool doubles up on hop on high two to one i pee fox that's your bloomberg nbc world sports update juliette thank you so much eight will prosecutors say tiger woods had the active ingredient ingredient for marijuana to painkillers and taste selepe drugs in his system when he was arrested on a dui charge earlier this year police in jupiter florida released their report less than a week after the gulf superstar agreed to enter a diversion program to settle his driving while intoxicated charges duck home prices in two of the richest parts.

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