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This by cbs monday start the week off break point figo laughs on man with a planned cut through guinea start of watsa what's the plant chief will i keep colmey chief i like discovers it ain't easy being dad remember those taken movies that's what happens when you give you daughter freedom one two three times thicket take care although fraud i can't help but if people are drawn to me i needed for you this bill the reality john a man with a bland cbs monday or stream it live or on demand cbs wednesday l all rather than this is angels romario at angels memorial hospital blessing when the patients outnumber the resources its call coat black dropping three academy award winner marcia gay harden and rob lowe with leila's code black cbs wednesday or stream it live or on demand we should have when you get along fine low la la la al then you've will cost wbz at eu gu three forty eight i just have some fun news items here we're in a worst case as w you are as the germans sausage seller prepared to go to jail i got to admit very tricky headline very nice versed voiced worst his how you would say it in german in berlin a story out of germany berlin germany ap german snack bar owner is preparing for the worst or uh it's a spat with authorities over the sale of sausages at a highway rest.

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